Dune Buggy Dubai Tour: An Adventure of a Lifetime

Dune Buggy Dubai Tours: An Adventure of a Lifetime

If you want to explore the vast deserts of Dubai and go on an exciting off-roading trip with your family and group of friends then there is no better choice than a dune buggy Dubai tour which is specially designed for this purpose.

Dune buggies are designed for desert surfaces, and it is an awesome experience to drive one in the toughest and most challenging areas. If you want a heart-pounding adventure in Dubai then surely this is the right choice. Here are some interesting things to know about buggy adventures.

The Main Itinerary of a Dune Buggy Dubai Tour

Here is how the buggy tour Dubai ride starts and what to expect on this exciting adventure:

  • Preparation and Arrival

Once you arrive at the desert facility where the buggy tours take place. Most of the time the tour company provides the pick-and drop service from the city, however, the guests can come on their own if they want.

  • Safety Briefings

After arriving, the tour guides help the guests prepare for the ride. They will give safety briefings along with other important instructions that must be followed for a safe and comfortable journey.

Talking about safe rides, please remember to wear the protective gear that the guides provide when driving or riding a buggy.

The desert buggy Dubai tours are dangerous and one can easily get hurt or injured. Also, these tours are not suitable for children below 7 years, pregnant women and old people.

If you are interested in reading about more safety tips, then do check our Ultimate Guide to Dune Buggy Dubai tours.

The Main Itinerary of a Dune Buggy Dubai Tour
  • The Exciting Adventure

Once the safety briefings are over, the buggy ride Dubai adventure begins. You can start the buggy and explore the desert and go anywhere. Desert terrain consists of soft sands, tall dunes, and vast desert landscapes, hence it is a completely different side of the city that is worth exploring.

The vehicles are very fast and have a powerful engine that allows them to be driven in these challenging areas. The experience of riding in such conditions is truly unmatched, and it is something to remember for a long time.

  • Scenic Stops in the Desert

There are many scenic spots in Dubai’s deserts that must be checked out while on a buggy safari tour. Ask your tour guide about such spots and how to reach them. Also, bring along a camera to capture the sights and click your group pictures against the background of these locations.

Talking about scenic spots, the sunset views in the desert a must thing to watch and should not be missed. We guarantee that you will not find such views anywhere else in the world. Drive your buggy to an ideal location, preferably on top of a dune that gives the panoramic scenery of the desert around evening.

Some of the most popular spots to check out are Al-Qudra lakes, Fossil rocks, Al-Hamar (Red dune) and desert conservation areas that house many local species.

Read our brief guide about buggy Tour Dubai Routes, and What to Expect here.

  • Cultural Experience

The buggy Dubai tours are not only about adventure and thrills, but they also offer an exciting opportunity to experience the rich culture and lifestyle of the Bedouins. As a part of the tour, you can stay at a desert campsite and enjoy local refreshments and learn the history of the region.

You can even book a safari tour and participate in many cultural activities like henna painting, falconry shows, dance shows and camel rides.


The desert dune buggy rides in Dubai offer a fun outing with a group of friends who like adventure and off-road tours. Such tours give you the chance to explore a completely different side of Dubai and some exciting activities that make up for a memorable tour.

Buggy tours are quite affordable and there are a variety of buggy models to choose from according to your preferences. For more information, you can call Enduro Bike Advanture and talk to our representatives.

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Muhammad Bilal Mohsin
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