Quad Bike Rental Service in Dubai

Quad Bike Rental Service in Dubai like Never Before

Is quad biking in the golden desert of Dubai in your bucket list on your tour? We offer unique quad bike tours that will let you explore the Arabian sand dunes, and outstanding scenery that you will remember for a lifetime! Our team of experts will provide you with fully-guided tour that is suitable for all experience levels. For a memorable tour, we will provide you with safety kits, refreshments to keep your energy levels full, and everything needed to allow you to have a thrilling and fun tour experience. At Enduro Bike Adventure, you should check out the quad bike rental packages we have for you. Check out our quad bike adventure, or choose buggy rental services for the best time in Dubai!
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Quad Bike Dubai

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Quad Bike Dubai

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Safety Tips for Quad Bike Riding

Ways to Reduce the Risks of Accidents and Injuries

When driving quad bikes, over speeding the leading cause of accidents. Do not over speed, and maintain a limit that allows you to control the bike at all times.

We will provide you with safety gear as you choose quad bike rental  service     , like goggles, helmet and gloves to keep you safe against dust, flying pebbles and other particles. Please use these equipment at all times while driving.


You should make sure that you do not exceed the carrying capacity of the quad bike. These are usually for only person at a time. Avoid two person driving.

It may be thrilling, but please practice extra caution around dunes. Avoid speeding over dunes, and if you get stuck while climbing one, reverse back to the bottom. Do not accelerate further as it will only get you more stuck.

The slightest grass hump can trap your wheels, leading to roll over. Always keep your eyes on the path and please slow down if the terrain is rough.

Safety remains our top priority at Enduro Bike Adventure. We know that accidents in the rough terrain can be a real possibility, that’s why we are here with necessary safety measures.

  • We have professional instructors for desert safari tour services. Feel free to ask them any questions, or concerns regarding how to operate the quad bike.
  • For first-timers rest assured that we provide close monitoring. We will also provide the best safety gear to protect you during rides.
  • Please note that the trails can be risky. Riding in the sands is not like driving a car, the sand can engulf your eyes, so make sure that you wear safety goggles at all times. Our gadgets will help you stay safe and have a comfortable time as you explore the sand dunes. You must wear these equipment whether it’s a bikes tour or quad bike ride.
Frequently Asked Questions

No, all you need for the quad bike rental service is the means of payment and wear comfortable clothing. For the tour, we will provide you with the protective equipment, gas, and other details to ensure you have a great time.

No, we do not enforce any dress code. However, we recommend that you wear something that’s comfortable. Avoid long clothing since it can get trapped in the wheels.

Although our quad bikes are capable of speeding, we advise our riders to not exceed a speed they cannot maintain safely.

We accept cash on the day of your tour, and also accept bank transfer, and PayPal.

The minimum age requirement for all our tours is 18 years. If you have kids, we have other entertainment options for them as you explore the desert.

No. Please note that all our bikes are designed to carry only one passenger at a time. If you share a quad bike, it will lead to overloading, which is not good when exploring the desert. For a sharing experience, you can try our buggy tours.

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