How to Find The Best Dune Buggy Rentals in Dubai?

How to Find The Best Dune Buggy Rentals in Dubai?

If you are planning a dune buggy rental tour while in Dubai with your friends but can’t seem to find a suitable deal, well no need to worry at all. Today we will discuss some helpful tips on how to find the best dune buggy deals that not only provide top-notch service but also help you save money. Be sure to read the article till the end.

Dune buggy rides and other desert adventures are very popular in Dubai and currently, there are several companies that offer affordable deals to tourists. So plan such an activity if you are in the city for vacation.

5 Tips to Find The Best Dune Buggy Rental Deals in Dubai

Follow these 5 tips when looking for dune buggy deals in Dubai:

  • Do Online Research and Read Reviews and Ratings

The first step in finding the best buggy deals is to do online research and find top tour companies. Afterwards, read the reviews of each company and see what other people have to say about them.

Remember, never book from a company that has low ratings and poor reviews. Their services might not be up to the mark and you will be disappointed. Google Reviews and Tripadvisor are very authentic sites where you can read such reviews.

  • Compare Prices of the Packages

After finding the top tour companies in the city and reading reviews, you can then compare prices of their packages to see which one is an expensive option. Also, look for any hidden costs such as taxes, refreshments, photography charges, etc. Never book from a company that doesn’t show final prices on their website.

If you have any confusion about the prices, be sure to call the company and ask them if what they have mentioned on their website is the final price.

5 Tips to Find The Best Dune Buggy Rental Deals in Dubai
  • Check Safety Standards

Next, please ensure that the company from which you want to book buggy tours follow the standard safety procedures and always prioritizes the well-being of the guests. Customer reviews can give you an idea about what safety guidelines they follow and if they are up to the mark or not.

Dune buggy Desert rides are risky and there is always a chance of being involved in an accident or getting injured, therefore we must come prepared. A good tour company takes care of such things and ensures that the guests have a comfortable experience.

Also, it is your responsibility to follow the safety guidelines and come prepared beforehand. For more information and preparation tips, read our Ultimate Guide to Dune Buggy Dubai.  

  • Always Book in Advance to Get Discounts

If you are visiting Dubai during peak season, which is usually between October to April, then always book your tour in advance by at least a week. The reason is that such tours are very popular and everyone rushes to book one for their group, so therefore it’s important that you book in advance on your desired date and get early discounts as well.

Also, when booking at the last minute, the prices sometimes increase beyond some people’s budget.

  • Consider the Location and Duration of the Tour

The location of the tour matters a lot. You should always book from a company that offers tours in the areas which you are interested in visiting. Some people wish to explore the beautiful desert spots and enjoy relaxing ride, while others would like to try daring challenges and test their driving skills. Although, you can travel later on to these locations on buggies, the overall tour duration and price will be longer.

Talking about duration, the shorter duration tours are best for beginner and newbie riders where they can learn the basics of driving. Longer tours are more suited for professionals who know their way around the desert. So it’s always helpful to make a decision beforehand in such cases.

By following these tips, we guarantee you will enjoy an amazing dune buggy Dubai adventure of a lifetime.


Dune buggy tours and other desert activities have recently gained quite popularity in Dubai among tourists. Therefore, finding a suitable deal for first-time visitors is not an easy task. We hope these 5 tips are helpful if you are looking for affordable buggy deals. For more information and queries, please contact Enduro Bike Advanture.

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