The Ultimate Guide to Dune Buggy Adventures in Dubai

The Ultimate Guide to Dune Buggy Adventures in Dubai

Even though most people know Dubai for its tall buildings, shiny beaches, luxury hotels, and many other modern architectures, hardly anyone notices the vast desert surrounding the city. These deserts are among the most beautiful in the world, and those who come here for vacations and adventure should visit them. To enjoy your desert off-roading experience, there is no better choice than the dune buggy Dubai rides.

Dune buggies offer the most exciting and fun way to explore these deserts, and they are quite easy to drive as well. Whether you want adventurous rides and thrills or want to relax in a peaceful desert atmosphere and enjoy an outing with your friends, dune buggy tours are the perfect choice.

Here is the ultimate guide to these tours. Be sure to read to the end as we explain the costs, safety and preparation tips, and the best packages you can book. So, let’s get started.

What is Dune Buggy Dubai Adventure?

Let’s discuss in the brief guide about buggy rentals in Dubai before proceeding further. As Dubai is surrounded by vast deserts with varying terrain, the best way to explore them is by off-road vehicles designed to be driven in such tough conditions. Our regular cars and bikes are suitable for this purpose. Dune buggies are the most popular choice among tourists who want to enjoy off-roading and see these sights and a completely different side of the city.

These buggies come in various engine and seating sizes that can accommodate 4-5 persons easily. Not only that, but these also have powerful rear engines and off-road tires that help drive on bumpy and rough desert surfaces with ease. Further, they also have built-in safety features like roll cages and seat belts too.

Dune buggy are quite affordable in Dubai. The rental costs of buggy vary according to the time duration and models. The 1 and 2-seater models are best for solo and 2-person rides, whereas the 4-seater models are best for group and family rides.

Further, you can opt for the ‘Guided’ and ‘Self Drive’ options. Those new to buggy riding should choose the Guided tour option, where expert personnel can teach all the basics of buggy riding in the desert and what challenges they should overcome while exploring the Dubai Desert on dune buggy.

This is a brief explanation of everything you need to know about dune buggy riding. Now, let’s discuss a few other things, too.

How to Book a Dune Buggy Tour in Dubai?

The tour company from whom you book the buggy tour matters a lot because a good company always takes care of their guests and ensures they have a comfortable experience. Here is how to book the ideal tour:

  • Research About the Top Companies

To enjoy the thrill of riding a buggy in the desert in the best possible way, you must book a tour from a top company. Do thorough research on the internet about the top buggy rentals and read their customer reviews to get an idea of their services. Never book from a new company or someone with a low rating.

  • Compare the Prices and Packages

Once you have found the top tour providers, compare their prices and see the package details. You have to consider your budget as well. Many companies also offer pick-up and drop-off services from the city; see if your group needs one.

  • Decide on the Time

After selecting your desired company and package, choose a time for the buggy tour. To explore the Dubai desert in the best possible way and see the beautiful scenery, the early morning and late evening timings are the best. The sunset/sunrise completely changes the whole view of the area.

  • Finalize the Booking

Now, finalize the booking and make the payment. Some companies also accept cash on the day of tour or you can transfer via credit cards or online banking as well. After this its time to prepare for the ride which we will discuss in the next section.

Here is a brief overview of choosing the right buggy rental tour company in Dubai. Remember to follow it thoroughly.

Preparing for Dune Buggy Dubai Tour

Preparing for Dune Buggy Dubai Tour

Dubai desert, despite being beautiful, has very hot weather and atmosphere; therefore, you must come prepared. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Dress in Comfortable Clothes

Come to the desert dressed in comfortable clothes for your desert dune buggy journey. Most preferably, wear something made from cotton, which is good heat absorbent. Other choices include that men can wear shorts or trousers with full-sleeve shirts when driving a buggy, while women can wear long skirts. However, they should avoid wearing heels, which will make the whole tour uncomfortable.

  • Prepare for Sunrays

Those who are not accustomed to the Dubai desert weather conditions need to remember that they have to deal with the hot scorching sun. To enjoy your dune buggy thrilling adventure in a comfortable manner please bring a sunscreen lotion and apply it throughout your tour. Also, pair of sunglasses and a hat also come in handy.

  • Bring a Camera

How can we miss out on the perfect opportunity to capture the beautiful memories and the desert scenery on our dune buggy adventure which is once in a lifetime experience? That is why it’s important that you bring a camera even a smartphone is fine. Some people also like to bring a Go Pro camera to record the whole tour of driving a buggy, but it’s not something they need to do.

You can take regular breaks to rest and click the photos of desert scenery and of your group on your dune buggy tours.

  • Avoid Eating Heavy Meal

Dune buggy riding involves driving on bumps and uneven paths which might make the riders feel nauseous or vomit. To avoid such feelings that might ruin the whole tour avoid eating a heavy meal before the tour. Instead eat light snacks or bring them on the tour so you can energize yourself during the break.

  • Decide on Which Place to Visit

There are countless routes and places to visit in the Dubai deserts, but you must decide which one to visit for your ultimate dune buggy off-roading experience. Families looking to relax and enjoy the desert scenery can visit Al-Qudra lakes or the Al-Awir desert. These have many scenic spots and camping facilities, which are best for family retreats. The route here is also plain, so the driving is easy and best for beginners and newbie riders.

Those who want an exhilarating and exciting buggy experience can visit the Al-Badayer and Liwa deserts. Consult your tour company for the best places to check out that match your skill level.

These 5 are the important desert buggy preparation tips you must remember after booking the tour.

Safety Tips for Dune Buggy Desert Tours

Safety Tips for Dune Buggy Desert Tours

There is no doubt that dune buggy Dubai is a fun activity but it is also risky and a little challenging as well, so remember these safety tips:

  • Keep Yourself Hydrated

As mentioned, desert temperatures are unbearably hot and also buggy riding is a physically demanding activity that is why it’s important to drink water regularly during the tour. Remember to bring a water bottle along or ask the tour company or a guide to provide you with one.

As we have explained already you can take regular breaks during the desert buggy adventure to refresh your body and drink water while also enjoying the desert scenery and clicking the photos. .

  • Wear the Safety Equipment Provided

This is one of the most important desert buggy safari tips to follow. Remember to wear the safety equipment provided by the tour company and don’t take it off while driving. The equipment includes a helmet, a pair of gloves and goggles. Also. check whether the equipment fits you properly and is not too loose or tight. Follow the safety briefing given by the guide.

  • Drive Carefully and Avoid Doing anything Reckless

To enjoy an unforgettable dune buggy adventure in a safe manner drive carefully on the designated path and and follow the safe speed limit as asked by your tour guide. Those who are driving for the first time should follow the proper driving techniques as asked by the tour guide and avoid doing anything reckless. Even those who are expert driving should adhere to the safety guidelines as given by the guide.

  • Thoroughly Inspect the Buggy

Before starting the buggy and taking it for a thrilling experience please inspect the buggy to ensure that all its controls such as brakes, clutch and gear work properly. Better yet take the buggy for a test drive. If you notice any issues do report them to the guide and ask him to replace the buggy.

Go for Guided Tours
We have discussed this already but will again, that those who are new and don’t know much about dune buggy driving should go for the ‘Guided Tours as a precaution. The guides tell you everything about dune buggy riding and teach the basics of driving as well.

Further, if the guests want these guides also accompany them on the tour and take them to the best spots in the desert that are worth visiting and even explain the rich history of the region.

  • Lookout for Weather Conditions

Do look for the weather conditions in Dubai as they might ruin the whole tour. Although it’s hot and sunny during most times of the year, there are scattered sandstorms and rain occurs that might disrupt the tour. Check the weather apps for updates or ask the tour guide which date is best for the tour.

These are the important safety tips to remember for best the experience on the dune buggy Dubai tour.


This a complete dune buggy safari guide for those visiting Dubai and want to checkout the beautiful deserts as well as try the exciting off-road adventures. Remember to book tour from a reputable company and follow the safety guidelines for a comfortable experience.

For more questions, you can call the Enduro Bike Advanture helpline and talk to our representatives. Do check our ‘Services Tab’ for pricing details and book the buggy tour now to get 20% off on all the prices.

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