Buggy Tour Dubai: Routes, Tips, and What to Expect

Buggy Tour Dubai: Routes, Tips

Dubai desert sports activities are very popular worldwide. People who love adventures and exciting stuff come here to try these all year long. Among these, the dune buggy tour Dubai rides are the most popular ones. Dune buggies are solely designed for driving in the tough desert conditions, plus they are much easier to drive compared to other vehicles.

The experience of driving at high speeds in bumpy terrain on steep dunes and sharp dunes is quite amazing and one always holds in memory for a long time. To help you prepare for this exciting dune buggy Dubai tour, here are some important details to remember which are the best routes to visit, and preparation tips.

What Are the Best Routes for Dune Buggy Dubai Adventure?

These are the top 3 desert routes to check on a dune buggy adventure:

  • Al- Lahbab Desert

The Al-Lahbab desert is the most popular desert destination in Dubai to check out. Many adventure lovers come here for exploration and to test their driving skills. This dessert is especially known for its ‘Red colour’ sand, which is not found anywhere else. The terrain here is very challenging and therefore suitable for expert riders.

  • Fossil Rock (Jebel Maleihah)

The Fossil Rock is a very popular desert spot to visit because it is home to many prehistoric fossils embedded within the rocks. The visitors can learn about the ancient history of the region and see what type of animals lived in these regions while exploring on buggies. The ‘Camel Rock’ here is the most famous one, and it looks like a sitting camel.

Remember to bring a camera to capture the scenery and the fossils which you’ll witness here during the tour.

  • Sweihan Desert

Sweihan desert is located far away from Dubai city and here one can relax in peaceful desert settings as well as check out the beautiful natural spots and explore the dunes that stretch for miles. Remember to see the sunset and sunrise views here because those should not be missed while touring the desert.

The overall terrain of the Sweihan desert is plain and much suited for beginners and fresh riders. Follow your guide instructions, and we guarantee you’ll have a memorable and exciting time here.

Preparation Tips for Dune Buggy Adventures

Preparation Tips for Dune Buggy Adventures

  1. Touring deserts in high-speed vehicles is surely exciting, but it comes with its risks, therefore one must always come prepared. Here are some general preparation tips:
  2. Wear comfortable and lightweight clothes for the trip, because the temperatures in the desert are extremely hot, and it might become uneasy at some point while riding in a buggy. Men can wear shorts/trousers with T-shirts. Women can wear long skirts. 
  3. Remember to bring a water bottle when going on desert adventures in Dubai. Drinking water regularly helps to keep your body well-hydrated and refreshed. If you forget to bring water, then ask your tour company to provide it, and good companies always take care of their customers.
  4. Pack some other essential items for the dune buggy Dubai tour, which you might need such as sunscreen lotion, a hat and a camera to capture the memorable moments and beautiful desert scenery. Besides these, if you have been prescribed any medications, bring those as well.
  5. Don’t eat a heavy meal before the dune buggy rides, because these rides can get very bumpy and might give you a nauseating feeling, which might ruin the whole tour.

For more preparation and safety tips, please read our Ultimate Guide to Dune Buggy Dubai Adventure.

What to Expect on Dune Buggy Adventure?

The desert safari adventures including dune buggy rides are very popular in Dubai as we have mentioned already and for a good reason too. These rides allow you to explore a different side of the city, the one without tall buildings and crowded areas and compromising only on beautiful and scenic spots.

More importantly, everyone can come and participate in these adventures regardless of their experience or skill level. There are tour guides available who can teach all the basics of driving in the desert and other important things to remember. These guides also take care of your safety and provide the necessary equipment that helps to protect against injuries. You also have the choice to choose between 1,2 and 4-seater buggy options depending on your group requirements.

These tours also give a chance to enjoy local hospitality and experience the lifestyle of Bedouins and how they lived in these deserts for generations. We hope these insights are enough to convince you that Why Dune Buggy Dubai is a Must-try Adventure.  


Dubai is a destination for exciting and adventurous activities that people love to come and try all year long. The dune buggy rides are one such activity that is well-suited for every skill level and is family-friendly as well. So be sure to try this exciting ride while here for vacation. For more information and affordable packages please contact Enduro Bike Advanture.

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