What Makes You Get Injured When Having a Dune Buggy Ride?


If you are going to ride a Dune Buggy, it is one of the best things you will ever do. But there are some things that you have to keep in your mind when riding on the dune buggy. If you keep these things in mind, you will be safe when riding. Otherwise, you can get injured. Most people say are dune buggies safe? So we have cover this topic in our article.

These things can make you get injured;

Losing Control on Dune Buggy

If you are new to riding on the dune buggy or do not know how to drive a car, then you should drive the Dune Buggy Dubai at normal speed. When driving a car fast, and something comes in front of you, it isn’t easy to control the car. Same when you are riding on the dune buggy Dubai, and some other buggy or dunes come in front of you, and you want to avoid hitting them and also want to save yourself. Then it is very difficult for you to save the Buggy from hitting. If you save others, you will get the Injury. If you hit others, others will also get injured. We suggest you drive the Dune Buggy Dubai at normal speed, and if you want to take the joy of the Dune Buggy Dubai at high speed, then you should take an expert driver with you.

If you lose control of the Buggy when something comes in front of you, you should hit the dunes to save yourself because the sand is soft, and you will not get injured. If you do not do that, the possibility of crashing the Dune Buggy Dubai is 90%.

Changing Sand Dunes

If you are new to driving the dune buggy in Dubai or have visited the desert for the first time, then you do not know how to take the Buggy from the dunes, and also, you do not know how to make the Buggy jump from one Dune to the other accurately. In deserts, the dunes are placed close to each other. When you jump from one Dune to the other, you must face the next Dune instantly. If you lose control, then your Buggy will crash.

Bad Quality Tires of Dune Buggy

Tires play a very important role. If the tire of your Buggy is of good quality, you will be able to ride comfortably and run your Buggy fast. But if the tire of the Buggy is of poor quality, then your Buggy will slip when you speed up, and also, the tire changes direction when you pass through the dunes. In 90% of cases, the main reason for crashing Buggy is bad quality tires. Try To book a good Dune Buggy Dubai Rental if you want a buggy with good tires.


Engine Failure

The main part of any vehicle is the Engine. If the Engine of the vehicle is good, you will not face any hardship; if the Engine of the vehicle is bad, you will face hardships. In Dune Buggies, good quality engines play a very important role. If the Engine of the dune buggies is good, then you will be able to get joy and also will be able to make the ride adventurous. 

When you pass through the dunes, then the pressure on the Engine increases. If the Engine is of good quality, it will tolerate the pressure and make the buggy run, but if the Engine is not good, it will make it stop

Reduce Buggy Speed When Dune is Near

It is your biggest mistake if you stop the Buggy when you are near the Dune. It will cause a dangerous accident. When you are coming at a fast speed towards the Dune, and suddenly you stop the vehicle, it will cause the Buggy to crash. Hitting the dunes will not affect you because the sand is too soft.

Not only in deserts, but you should also avoid this mistake. If you are driving a car on the roads, you should avoid it.

Taking the Ride at Night

You will face an accident if you are riding dune buggies at night. At night we cannot see the dunes because of darkness. Suppose the lights of the deserts are on; then you will be able to see the dunes. But we suggest you take the ride in the morning. If you lose the directions at night, then it will be difficult for you to find the direction, but it will be easy for you to find the directions in the morning. If you are taking the ride at night, you should open the headlights because headlights are very important for safety. You can easily see the Dune if the headlights are open, and you will be able to see the other buggies so that you will remember the direction.

Book a good Dune Buggy Dubai Rental if you want to enjoy it.

Broken parts of Dune Buggy

A buggy with broken parts is not good for your safety. You will easily see that the Buggy has broken parts. Below we have mentioned the parts that should not be broken;

  1. Brakes
  2. Seat
  3. Tyre
  4. Engine
  5. Headlights
  6. Foot stand

Taking a Ride Without Preparation

Try to follow the instructions of the instructors and take care of safety. If you are new to driving their Dune Buggy, then you should take instructions from the instructor. The instructor will tell you all the things that are important for your safety and will also tell you how to drive the Buggy. They will also tell you the directions that you have to follow. You must hear the instructor to be able to enjoy the ride.

Stand in the ride.

Sometimes we are trying to be cool and get everyone’s attention. When we are doing this, we forget about our safety. If you do this in Dune Buggy, then it can be dangerous for you. Standing in a dune buggy ride is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done. If you stand in the ride and a dune comes, you will fall from the Buggy. It would help if you tied the seat belt when taking the ride.

Polaris Buggy , Cam an Buggy and Desert fox dune buggy have same all of this things that mention in this article . Must follow all safety instructions for your safety .

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