Is Dune Buggy and Sandrail the same?


If you have seen deserts in movies or visited deserts, you know about the dune buggies and sand rails. The purpose of the dune buggy and Sandrail is the same. Both vehicles are used to drive in the desert, but there is a lot of difference between them. In this article, we will explain the difference between them in detail. Like we will differentiate between the Construction, cost, engine name, etc. After reading the article, you can decide which is best for you and which is not. Dune Buggy is more popular than the sand rail. Everyone has heard about the dune buggy in Dubai, but only some have heard about the Sandrail. The design of these two vehicles is similar.

Construction of Dune Buggy

If we talk about the biggest difference between Dune Buggy and Sandrail, then it is Construction. When we speak about the Construction of the dune buggies, it is the same as a normal car. The dune buggy is the same as the old model of the Volkswagen Beetle.

 The Dubai dune buggy is a well-built car. The Dubai Dune Buggy is just for use in deserts, but it can also be converted into rally cars. The wheel of this car makes it unique and special. The wheels of the Buggy Dubai are accurately made for dunes. If we drive a car with normal Wheels in the dunes, the car crashes, but the Buggy Dubai is in the back side of the car. The engine is also unique and elegant. If you are thinking about why the engine is present in the back side of the car, the answer is very simple: when we pass through the dunes, the car will not crash.

 The Dune Buggies’ body is made of fiberglass, making it look like a normal car running in the street. If we talk about the Roof of the Buggy, it is open to give you the view completely. If the Buggy’s roof closes, n you will not be able to see the desert.


Dune Buggy Dubai Rental

 If you want a good Dune Buggy, it is very important to book a good Dune Buggy Dubai Rental. There are a lot of benefits to booking a good Dune Buggy Dubai rental. Some of the best benefits have mentioned below;

  • You will enjoy the ride.
  • You can explore the desert with peace.
  • The Buggy will not stop when you are passing through the landscapes.
  • You will not get injured.

 If the Dune Buggy Dubai Rental is not good, then the chance of getting injured is 80%. Passing through the dunes takes work. If you have a good budget, you can pass through the dunes, but if the Buggy you are driving could be of better quality, it can cause a crash buggy. 

How can we know whether the Buggy we are driving is good?

Knowing whether the Buggy you are driving is good is very simple. There are some steps that you have to consider before sitting in the Buggy. If you book an excellent Dune Buggy Dubai Rental, you do not have to be stressed because they know your safety is more important than enjoying the ride.

Consider these things before sitting in the dune buggy

  1. Are the brakes working or not?
  2. The wheels are accurate.
  3. The seat is comfortable.

What happens if the Buggy needs to be more accurate?

It can be dangerous for you if you sit in a buggy that is not accurate in features. When the Buggy passes through the sand dunes or jumps from one sand dune to the other, it can crash and cause serious injuries.

Construction of Sand rails

If we talk about the Sand rails, it is different from the Construction of the dune buggy. Sand rails do not have any feature we can use to drive the sand rails in streets. The design of the sand rails is unique. These vehicles are made considering we have to drive them in deserts and beaches. The vehicle is open from every side. Nobody is covering this vehicle. The weight of the sand rail is so light. The price of the sand rails is also very low because it is made of light but good-quality metal. The exact weight of the sand rail is 800 pounds. Any racing team can buy this vehicle, whereas the price of the Dune Buggy Dubai is high. Two people can sit on Sand rails, but it is better than one person sitting on them. If you are going to ride a sand rail in deserts, then we suggest you sit alone. Because when you pass through the sand dune, you will get hurt if someone else sits with you.

Tires and engine

In the case of tires, handrail is better than the Dubai Dune Buggy. The design and size of the wheels of the sand rails make it more comfortable when it passes through the dunes. The vehicle’s expansive tire handles the weight well when passing through landscapes. The sand rails’ engine is on the vehicle’s lower side. 


The price of the Dune Buggies is more than the sand rails. The main reason for the lower price of the sand rail is its weight. The sand rail is made of light metal, making its price less affordable, whereas Dune Buggies are only affordable for some.

Are they both Road Legal?

As we have said above, the Dune Buggy is the same as the old Volkswagen Beetle. It is also a benefit. It makes the Dune Buggy legal to run on streets. If you are a buggy l; over and want to drive it in your area, you can buy it and enjoy riding on it. We also have said above that the sand rail differs from the buggy and other cars. So it is not legally allowed to run this car in the streets. If you are a sand rail lover, you must go to the desert, beach, or some other place where you can peacefully drive it.

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