Top Dune Buggy Tours to Explore Dubai’s Desert

Top Dune Buggy Tours to Explore Dubai’s Desert

When it comes to exploring the Dubai deserts and going on off-roading tours, there is no better choice than dune buggy tours. These tours offer the safest and most comfortable way to see the beauty of the Arabian deserts and try out exciting and fun-packed adventures with fellow riders and friends.

The dune buggy Dubai tours can easily be booked from a local tour company at affordable rates. However, there are many options, and you might get confused about the right one. To help with that, here is a brief guide about top dune buggy Dubai tours and their uniqueness. Let’s get started.

Top Dune Buggy Tours to Book in Dubai

Here are the top dune buggy rental tours you can book for off-roading in Dubai:

  • Morning Dune Buggy Tours

The morning safari tours are perfect for those who like to explore the desert in cooler temperatures with fewer crowds as well. You can book a buggy around 8:00 AM and set out for an exciting adventure with your friends. Bring a camera as well to capture the beautiful desert scenery and sunrise views. Drive the buggy to an ideal spot to enjoy the best views. These tours are best for those who are busy in the evening or later part of the day.

For beginners we would recommend 1 and 2-hour tours, but those who are seasonal riders and know their way around the desert can book 4-hour tours and have some thrill and exciting adventure with their friends. 1 and 2-seater buggies are best for these tours.

  • Evening Dune Buggy Tours

The evening dune buggy tours are also the best option. You can book a dune buggy ride around 5:00 PM or anytime around sunset to see the breathtaking desert views as the sun goes down. Ask the tour guide about the ideal spot that gives the most spectacular views. Remember to bring a camera to capture these views. We guarantee you won’t find anything like this in the city.

Other than desert views you can also have some exciting high-speed adventure rides with friends and fellow riders. Climb on top of steep dunes, drive on rocky paths, and try some racing challenges. While doing all this remember to follow safety guidelines and wear the protective gear provided. For more safety tips please read our Ultimate Guide to Dune Buggy Dubai Adventures.

Top Dune Buggy Tours in Dubai
  • Family and Group Tours

The dune buggies come with 4-seater models that are best for group and family rides. You can even take your children along and enjoy an off-road trip. Dune buggies come with various built-in safety features like roll cages, seat belts, large tires, and lightweight chassis that protect the riders from injuries and more importantly, ensure a comfortable and relaxing ride for the group.

The 4-seater model can easily accommodate 4-5 persons and is more economical than separate 1 and 2-seater buggies. You can choose the best time per your preference but most people like evening tours.

  • Dune Buggy Combined With Desert Safari Tours

Many tour companies offer the option to combine dune buggy tours with desert safaris. These safaris have many exciting and fun desert activities, that combine adventure and cultural experience.

For instance, a standard safari package has 4×4 dune bashing, quad biking, sandboarding, camel rides, campsite entertainment shows at night, and a delicious BBQ dinner. All these activities along with dune buggy rides make up for a memorable tour.

On top of that, you can book these combined tours at very affordable prices for groups and families from top-rated tour companies. For those planning these tours please check out Tips for Dune Buggy Dubai Safari tours.

  • Overnight Dune Buggy Tours

It is also possible to book dune buggy tours at night to explore the desert. Although it is the least popular option. Many people who like adventures and camping at night in the wild will find the night off-road tours to their liking.

Remember to pack some essential items like torches, sweaters, jackets, and camping equipment. It gets cold at night so you better come prepared. The tour company can arrange for the camping equipment if you don’t have one. It’s better to take a ‘Tour Guide’ for the overnight tours because there is a high risk of getting lost.


These are the best dune buggy tours you can book in Dubai for off-roading rides. Remember to choose the option that best suits you and everyone else in the group. These tours offer countless memorable moments that one will remember for a lifetime. So don’t miss out on this opportunity. For more information and package deals please contact Enduro Bike Advanture.

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