Sand Buggy Dubai: The Ultimate Off-Road Experience

Sand Buggy Dubai: The Ultimate Off-Road Experience

Dubai’s vast deserts provide the perfect playground for exciting off-road trips that combine thrill, cultural exploration, and the beautiful and scenic views of the area. When you book a Sand Buggy Dubai ride, you are not going on a casual road trip but signing up for the most unforgettable journey of a lifetime.

These tours are specially designed for adventure lovers who want to test their driving skills in the most challenging desert terrain and enjoy a high-speed ride with their fellow riders and friends. The main thing about such tours is that everyone can participate regardless of skill level. Driving a dune buggy is not a challenge, and those who are trying for the first time can learn the vehicle’s basic controls and driving techniques quickly.

So don’t wait any further, prepare for an awesome and most exciting time of your life. Here are some important things to remember about Dune Buggy Dubai rides.

5 Important Things to Keep in Mind About Sand Buggy Dubai Adventure

Here are 5 important things you must remember when going for dune buggy tours in Dubai:

  • Always Book a Tour From a Reputable Company

Remember to book your dune buggy tour from a reputable company. Currently, many companies offer buggy packages and deals at low prices, which might tempt you, but you must judge the quality of the service. If you are trying for the first time and have no idea when you will return, then it’s better to spend money and get good service.

Read the customer reviews and the overall ratings to understand the company’s services. Never book a tour from a company with low ratings or negative reviews. You can easily find reviews on TripAdvisor, Google Reviews, Yelp, and other online forums. If someone in your close circle has been on these tours take their suggestions if possible.

  • Wear the Safety Equipment Provided

    Remember to wear the safety equipment before hopping on the buggy. The tour company provides the necessary equipment which includes a helmet that protects the head from injuries, a pair of gloves that provide a stronger grip on handlebars, goggles that prevent dust/sand particles from entering the eye, and special sports clothing.

It is your responsibility to inspect the equipment for any defects and if you find any issues please ask the company for a replacement. Never ride a buggy without wearing the safety equipment. These tours pose of great risk of accidents which can cause fatal injuries and bruises.

For additional safety tips, you can read our Ultimate Guide to Dune Buggy Dubai Adventures.

5 Important Things to Keep in Mind About Sand Buggy Dubai Adventure
  • Dune Buggies Come in Various Models and Sizes

Dune buggies come in many models and sizes and not just one. These models vary according to the engine capacity and seating arrangements. Most companies offer Polaris and Can-Am models which are best for driving in Dubai’s challenging deserts. The Polaris models are much easier to drive and best suited for beginners. The Can-Am models require expertise for handling tough terrain and are therefore must-suited for seasonal riders.

Further, they come in 1,2 and 4-seater buggies. The 4-seater models are best for groups and families and are more economical compared to individual 1 and 2-seater models.

  • Evening Time is Best for Dune Buggy Rides

Although you can go for dune buggy rides at any time of the day and have fun, but the evening time is the best. The Evening tours are among the Top Dune Buggy Tours to Explore Dubai’s Desert because they offer the best desert views around sunset and most importantly the temperatures are lower thus making it possible to enjoy a comfortable tour.

You can book a 1 or 2-hour package around 5:00 PM (depending on the sunset timing) and set out to explore the deserts. Find a suitable spot to see magical sunset views and get your cameras ready as well for a photoshoot season.

  • Pack Some Essential Items for the Tour

You might need some essential items for the dune buggy tour, such as sunscreen lotion to protect your skin from harmful sun rays, a hat and sunglasses for similar purposes, and a camera to capture the beautiful desert scenery.

Other items include a water bottle to keep your body hydrated and any medications the doctor may have prescribed.


The dune buggy rides are among the most after activities to do in Dubai. Whether you are an adventure lover or you want to try something unique and fun to change your daily routine, Well, this activity is guaranteed to fulfil all your needs. So plan a tour with your friends and families and set out to explore the beautiful desert and experience the rich culture of Arabs.
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