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Dune buggy Dubai

While in Dubai, everyone is interested in visiting Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, and similar architecture. Still, there is one thing that most visitors miss out on: the vast and beautiful deserts that surround the city. A visit to Dubai’s sprawling deserts not only offers a contrasting view but also a much needed break from the city’s noisy and hectic environment, and what better way to explore a desert than on a Dune Buggy Rental Dubai ride?  

If you are ever interested in going on a desert safari adventure and exploring the wild side of Dubai, do book dune buggies; they are fast and agile, plus you will have a fun and memorable time riding them with your family and loved ones, and they come in 1,2, 4-seating capacities.  

To help you prepare for this amazing riding experience, here is a complete guide to everything there is to know regarding dune buggies in Dubai and how you can rent one for your tour. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

What Are Dune Buggies?

Dune buggies are sort of ATVs because they can easily be driven on every sort of surface, from sand to roads and beaches as well. Although you can drive them on the road, we won’t recommend you do that since it’s illegal and they don’t meet safety standards for driving on roads. 

Dune buggies come with large tires, powerful engines, and suspension systems, which makes them ideal for driving and exploring the desert terrain. Many adventure enthusiasts and thrill seekers book them for similar purposes too. In Dubai nowadays, many tour operators offer dune buggies on a rental basis for visitors at affordable rates. 

One main advantage of dune buggies is they are completely safe to ride. They are designed with added safety features like roll cages and seat belts that ensure the well-being of the riders. You don’t necessarily have to be an expert to drive them; even a novice person can drive them with little guidance. There are separate guided tours offered just for this reason. 

How Do You Book a Dune Buggy Rental Dubai Tour?

If you feel interested in driving dune buggies in Dubai, you can easily book a tour from one of the reputable tour operators in the city. Do some online research to look for top-rated companies and visit their website to further know what they offer and what pricing options they have. 

Also, an important thing to do when booking that we must remind you of is always to read reviews and see how the experience of previous customers was. If there are too many bad reviews, don’t book from that company and find another one. 

Once you are done with your research, call the individual company and inquire about their timing and what buggy models they offer. Always look for the latest models offered by Polaris and Can-Am. If you have chosen a company, then finalize your booking on your desired day and time. The early morning and evenings are best for dune buggy Dubai tours since you also get the chance to see beautiful sunset and sunrise views. 

On the day of the tour, come prepared with important documents such as your passport, ID, and reservation number. Listen to the instructions given by your tour guide, and rest assured you are good to go. 

An important tip: Don’t always go for cheaper options or new companies if you are booking a Dune Buggy for the first time. If you think you might never get a chance again, it’s best to spend extra money and book the best option you can find. 

Understanding Dune Buggy Packages Offered in Dubai

There are numerous packages offered for Buggy rental in Dubai Adventures. They vary depending on time duration, buggy models, and seating capacity. Here is a brief overview of these packages:

  • Hourly Packages  

These packages are suitable for both beginners and expert riders. Most tour operators offer mainly 1,2,3 and 4-hour timings, and costs start from 800 AED and go upto 2000 AED as duration increases. You can take a buggy along the designated route and keep on exploring for as long as you have booked. 

  • Seating Capacities 

Dune buggies come in 1,2, and 4-seating capacities, as already discussed, with 1-seater being the cheapest option and 4-seater expensive ones. 1 seater is best for solo tours and 2 for couples or with friends. 4-seater is for groups and family rides; if you are with children and a spouse, then book 4-seaters. The pricing here starts around 800-900 AED and goes to 2500 AED. 

  • Buggy Models 

There are specific buggy models reserved for experts and seasonal riders and not suitable for beginners at all. Their packages and costs differ as well. These models have high power engines, and therefore, only an expert can control and drive them. They also cost significantly more when you increase the duration and seating capacity. For instance, the 2-seater and 1-hour of these models cost 1400 AED, and as you increase duration, it goes all the way to 4500 AED, which is almost double. 

  • Guided Tours 

For completely novice riders, there is also a guided tour option where an expert guide teaches you all the controls and functions of a dune buggy. Also, as you drive, the guide stays alongside you and assists you in every way possible. Guided tours are a little short, and you only get to drive on easy terrain and can’t go as far as you want to. 

At Enduro Bike Advanture, we offer all these tour packages and competitive prices for our customers. If you are a group of 5-6 persons, you might also get a discount as well. Do call us whenever you are in the mood to try something different in Dubai and explore the deserts.

Buggy rental Dubai

Preparing for Dune Buggy Rental Dubai Adventure

Here are a few tips to bear in mind when preparing for dune buggy rides: 

  • Dressing Properly 

Dressing matters a lot when going on a tour of Buggy Rental in Dubai. The tour takes place in the desert, where the environment is harsh and temperature very hot. We recommend wearing something lightweight in which you feel comfortable. Any clothes made from silk and cotton are best. 

Keep modesty in mind as well, which is important in Dubai culture, and avoid exposing too much of your body by wearing something inappropriate. Full-sleeve shirts are best since they also protect your skin from harmful sunrays as well. Bring sunglasses and a hat as well for added protection. 

  • Bring A Water Bottle and Small Snacks

As mentioned, the weather will be sweltering hot in the desert; you must also bring a water bottle to drink at regular intervals and keep your hydration levels in check. You can also buy it from local shops using some cash in hand as well. 

Alongside water, also bring a few snacks as well, like nuts, dry fruits, or granola bars, since dune buggy rides are physically demanding. Take small breaks during the ride to eat and drink to energize your body so you don’t feel tired. 

After the tour is done, you will be served with refreshments at a campsite as well, but these preparations are important to remember during the ride. 

  • Listen Carefully to The Guide 

Always pay attention to the instructions given by the tour guide and follow them thoroughly. They will tell you about the guided path to follow, so only drive along that route. Further, they will also provide you with safety equipment such as a helmet, gloves, and footwear that you must wear and don’t take off during the entire duration of the tour.

Safety Tips to Follow for Dune Buggy Tour in Dubai

A dune buggy tour can sometimes be dangerous if you drive recklessly and endanger yourself, so here are some safety tips you must remember:

  • Drive Responsibly 

Always drive with care and be responsible. Follow the safe speed limit mentioned, and don’t drive on challenging paths; if you are a newbie, stick to an easy route. Avoid engaging in racing with other drivers since these tours are not meant for this purpose. 

  • Wear the Protective Gear 

Although we have mentioned it before, but we are doing it again to show the importance of this suggestion. Always wear the safety gear you are given prior to the tour, and don’t take it off till you are done with your ride. Further, always check the quality of the equipment and ensure it fits you properly and is neither too loose nor tight. 

  • Inspect Your Buggy for Any Damages

Do a thorough inspection of your dune buggy before the tour starts to confirm that it functions properly and that its brakes and accelerator work correctly. Take it for a short test drive to confirm this. If you do notice any issue in your buggy, discuss it with your tour operator and have them replace it with a new one. Inspect the new buggy again in a similar way. 

For more safety tips, here is a detailed guide you can read to prepare for dune buggy rental rides. 


If you are looking to try something unique and exciting in Dubai, then without a Dune buggy, rental tours are the best activity that you can do. Doesn’t matter if you are an adventure freak or someone looking to escape the city’s hectic routine with family and friends; these tours offer can are meant for both purposes. 

We hope this detailed guide covers everything there is to know regarding dune buggy tours in Dubai. For more information and queries, you always call the Enduro Bike Advanture helpline; our staff members are here to assist you in any way possible. 

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