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Quad Bike rental Dubai

If you are a biking enthusiast and want to try something daring and adventurous, head to Dubai immediately and book a Quad Biking Dubai tour. Most people know about the indoor adventures in Dubai. They are completely unaware that the massive deserts surrounding it offer the best playground for outdoor and sports activities. 

Quad biking is undoubtedly a popular activity tourists enjoy while visiting Dubai. You get to explore the natural beauty of the desert on fast-paced quad bikes. However, to double the fun and enjoyment, we recommend taking along your friends, especially bike enthusiasts, for a memorable trip. 

Interested in learning more about quad biking? We have prepared this guide outlining everything you must know regarding the quad biking tour and safety tips. So remember to read till the end.

What Is Quad Biking?

For first-time visitors who have no idea what quad biking is all about, let us explain it to you in simple words. Quad bikes are ATVs or All-Terrian-Vehicles. They are different from the regular bikes that we drive on roads and streets. They are 4-wheeled bikes, which makes them ideal for driving on sand or similar types of surfaces.  

Quad bikes are suitable for off-roading adventures where you go and explore the wilderness and, if possible, camp at these locations for a day. Dubai is ideal for going on off-roading trips because of its location within the vast Arabian deserts. These deserts are among the most beautiful, offering untamed beauty to the visitors. 

You can rent quad bikes in Dubai from several tour operators at affordable rates depending on the model and time duration you want. 

Quad Biking Rental Tours in Dubai

The deserts of Dubai are perfect for quad biking and other adventurous activities that many visitors enjoy. Take these machines to explore the desert region; you don’t have to worry about fines or traffic rules. You can drive them as fast as you want, but we advise you to drive at a speed limit that you can handle. 

Licensed tour guides and equipment vendors can assist you with Dubai ATV rentals. With the right licenses, you can explore with your friends smoothly and enjoyably. Remember you cannot drive them on the road and only in desert areas after renting. 

You can combine Quad Biking Dubai with other desert activities like dune bashing, sandboarding, and a complete safari tour. Where you get to stay at the campsite, enjoy local cuisines and get entertained by the dancers and performers, that will make your journey unforgettable.  

Quad Biking Dubai Desert

Why is Quad Biking Dubai a Must Try Experience on Dubai Visit?

Here are a few reasons to convince you to try a quad bike adventure on your Dubai visit. 

  • Explore the Beautiful Desert Landscape

Dubai deserts are unlike any place you can find on earth. It consists of towering dunes and golden sands, where you can camp and have a relaxing afternoon away from crowds and city noise. This helps to remove some steam from your mind. Quad bikes allow you to traverse this region easily as they are built that way. 

  • It’s an Adrenaline Rush Adventure

For those who want to get their adrenaline levels pumping and like to engage in challenging activities, a quad biking tour is what they need. Traveling in challenging terrain, climbing tall dunes, and making sharp turns sounds fun. 

  • Sunset and Sunrise Views 

Sunset and sunrise views in the desert are magic and hard to find anywhere else. Drive to the tallest dune around the evening and witness this scene. Try capturing it on your camera because it’s hard to find such a view elsewhere. 

  • Enjoy Some Cultural experience 

Quad bike tours allow you to learn about the cultural side of Dubai and how people lived here in the past. During your visit, you get to stay in a Bedouin-style camp where you get refreshments and interact with locals to know their way of life. You can also book a buffet dinner at the campsite and eat local cuisine; further, entertainment and dance performances are done as well, which you might enjoy. 

  • Diverse Terrain For Everyone

Dubai deserts have a diverse terrain that will entertain riders of all types, whether novices or experts. Just remember to take a map of the area along the ride so you don’t get lost and can find your way. Avoid traveling to prohibited areas marked. Check out the most scenic routes to visit on your quad biking tour. 

A Few Tips To Consider For Your Quad Bike Safari Dubai Tour

Follow the below-mentioned tips, and I am sure you will not regret it later!

  • Observe The Situation of Weather 

Although Dubai experiences constant high temperatures in the winter, the winter months are much cooler than the hottest summer months. Our recommendation is to make your trip during the winter months to enjoy the Quad Bike Safari Dubai tour and avoid the long summer months.

  • Use Your Weight to Guide The Bike

You can use your body weight to guide the quad bike to traverse obstacles, namely hills and dune fields. Almost any obstacle can be overcome when your body weight is shifted at the right time along the direction of the obstacle. 

  • Ensure that Your Posture is Correct

You must position yourself correctly to ride comfortably when riding a quad bike. Keep your knees gripped on the quad bike as you sit up straight. Maintaining a relaxed position while riding will greatly benefit you.

  • Keep Your Budget in Check

Oftentimes, we make this mistake by not planning a budget, and sometimes, we fall short of the required or spend too much instead of our top priorities. Take a look at various offers, deals, and discounts offered by tour operators and take advantage of them if possible so you get to spend as minimum as possible. 

When going on an adventure safari in Dubai, prioritize Quad biking and similar activities.

  • Age Restrictions 

Quad biking is sometimes considered a dangerous activity and not suitable for everyone in your group. For instance, many tour operators don’t allow children below 10 to ride or operate quad bikes. One must be at least 10 years older to ride them with a responsible adult or 16 years old to operate the quad bike. Elderly people or those with heart problems should also refrain from participating. If you have any medical complications, discuss them with your tour operator to avoid them later. 

  • Wearing Protective Clothing

Protective clothing is also needed when going on a Quad Biking Dubai safari. You should wear long sleeves, trousers, gloves, and footwear at ankle height to protect your arms and legs from injury. Goggles are an excellent choice for eye protection. Further, we recommend wearing helmets to protect the head. If you choose Enduro Bike Advanture as your tour operator, you will get all these as a part of a package without any extra cost. 

  • Timing is Everything

To enjoy the quad desert of Dubai at its full potential, you must choose the right time of day. In the early morning, quad biking in Dubai can be a lot of fun if you have your energy, plus there are fewer people around that time. The evenings are also great as you can witness the sunset views. You can go on a morning tour if your evenings are jam-packed with other activities. However, in the summer months, going in the evenings is not a good idea since it gets very hot around that time, and you will not have a great time.  

  • Sun Protection 

Since the Quad Bike Rental Dubai tour is done in the scorching desert of Dubai, we recommend that you come prepared for it. Bring a sunscreen lotion and apply it throughout the day on your face, arms, or any body part exposed to the sun. Further, bring a hat and shades to reduce sun glare. Also, carry a water bottle along and drink regularly so you don’t feel too thirsty.  

  • Learn How to Drive Quad Bikes 

This tip is important for new riders unfamiliar with quad bikes and their operations. Quad bikes are very different than the regular bikes we drive on the road. There is a difference in how the tires grip the ground. A quad bike is usually used on terrain surfaces, as mentioned earlier. There is traction involved in this process. Therefore, the vehicle should coast sideways rather than move straight ahead. For this reason, beginners should learn the process slowly until they are familiar with it.

  • Drive Cautiously and observe the Speed Limit 

Drive carefully and keep your quad bike within the speed limit mentioned by your tour operator to avoid any accidents or collisions with other riders. Drive engage in any speed racing with your friends, and keep at least a 20-meter distance between you and other riders.  

  • Do a Manual Checkup of Quad Bikes 

It’s better to be safe than sorry. When starting your quad bike for a tour, we recommend doing a manual check-up to ensure no faults. Check the air pressure in tires and ensure that fuel levels are full. Take your buggy for a test drive to be sure no sounds are coming from the engine, and the brakes work properly.

Quad Bike Models Available for Rent in Dubai

Quad bike models depend upon the engine installed in them, and they can vary from 200cc to 1000cc. The lower engineer models are suitable for newbies who are riding it for the first time since they are easy to handle and travel at a slow speed. Higher engine models are driven mostly by seasonal experts or professional drivers. 

In Dubai, for beginners, you can rent 200cc 1-seater models for around 500-800 AED, depending on tour duration. For experts, some 400-570cc models come in both 1 and 2-seater capacities. The cost is nearly the same, but the experience is entirely different because higher-engine models offer more thrill and exciting trips, but only experts can drive them with care. 


Well, that is pretty much everything one must know regarding the quad biking tour in Dubai. With Enduro Bike Advanture, you can always get your hands on these amazing deals and packages. Call us now to book a tour and get amazing discounts. Also, take advantage of the tips we discussed, making your vacations unforgettable.

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