Special Ramadan Offer Of Dune Buggy Dubai Tour

Special Ramadan Offer Of Dune Buggy Dubai Tour

Looking for a unique and exciting experience in Dubai this Ramadan with your family? Well, we have the perfect activity just for you- The thrilling Dune Buggy Dubai adventure. Dune buggies are specially designed to be driven in tough desert conditions, and their 4-seater models can easily accommodate 4-5 persons if you are going with your family.

In Ramadan, you are likely to get a discount and special offers from various tour companies because of the decline in tourist arrivals. So grab this opportunity and plan an exciting off-road tour with your family and friends and also get a chance to break your fast and enjoy a delicious Iftar dinner amidst nature in a peaceful desert environment. Let’s learn in detail about various Buggy Rides offers you can book this month.

What are the Best Packages for Dune Buggy Dubai Adventure?

Here is a list of the best and ideal dune buggy packages you can book, whether you are going on a solo excursion or with friends and family.

  • Sunset Dune Buggy Ride

Most companies offer 1,2 and 4-hour dune buggy packages, and the best time to ride a dune buggy is around evening when you also get a chance to witness the mesmerizing sunset views and a chance to enjoy a delicious Iftar buffet dinner at the Bedouin campsite. If you are fasting, then we recommend that you book 1 or 2-hour options so you don’t exhaust yourself too much.

There are various buggy models you can book for sunset buggy rides. A 1-seater Polaris buggy costs 799 AED for 1 hour, whereas the 2-seater Polaris buggy costs 899 AED for the same time. Obviously, if you increase the time duration, the prices also increase. 2 hours cost around 1000-1250 AED.

Further, you can also book higher-end Can-Am models that are only driven by seasonal experts. Their costs are higher, starting with 1399 AED for 2-seaters for 1 hour only. Do check the service tab for detailed information on the dune buggy packages we will offer at Enduro Bike Advanture in Ramadan, and book now to get 20% off.

Highlights of the Package:

  • Sunset Views: Enjoy the magical setting sun as you navigate the dunes in our state-of-the-art buggies.
  • Expert Guides: Our experienced guides ensure a safe and enjoyable ride for the guests, whether they are professionals or experts.
  • Iftar Buffet Dinner: Get a chance to break your fast in the desert and enjoy a variety of local and international cuisines on the Iftar buffet that includes starters, BBQ dishes, fruits, and a main course dinner.
Family Friendly 4-Seater Package
  • Family Friendly 4-Seater Package

If you are going with your family and looking for a suitable dune buggy package, then book the 4-seater dune buggies that can easily accommodate 4-5 persons. You don’t have to worry about safety; all dune buggy tours are conducted by following necessary safety protocol; you will get state-of-the-art equipment that includes a helmet, goggles, and a pair of gloves, and be sure to fasten your seat belts when riding.

If you are fasting and riding with kids, we recommend that you drive slowly and avoid doing something dangerous or daring without the guidance of experts. Here, you can also enjoy a delicious Iftar buffet with your loved ones around the evening after you are done with your tour. 

A 4-seater Polaris buggy costs around 999 AED for 1 hour and 1349 AED for 2 hours. You can also book for 4 hours, which will cost 2499 AED, but if you are fasting, it’s better to book for 1 and 2 hours only. You can enjoy 4-hour rides after breaking your fast around night if you want to.

At Enduro Bike Advanture, you can get a 20% discount on the mentioned prices of dune buggy rental Dubai if you book during Ramadan without any additional charges.

Highlights of the Package:

  • Expert Guides: Guided experts are available to help you in driving a dune buggy and ensuring you and your family have a fun and relaxing time.
  • Kid-Friendly Refreshments: Children who are not fasting will be provided with water and juices as refreshments.
  • Iftar Buffet Dinner: Enjoy the Bedouin hospitality at the campsite and fill your appetite with delicious cuisine on the iftar buffet


  • Extreme Adventure Tour

Looking for an extreme adventure expedition that will give you an adrenaline rush? The extreme adventure tour is tailored just for you. Here, you will get a chance to drive on tricky terrains, climb tall dunes, and live your dream of off-road racing. The Can-Am buggies are specially designed for extreme adventure, and they are fast and agile and allow you to navigate desert terrain with ease.

2-seater Can-Am buggies cost around 1399 AED for 1 hour, and 4-seater models cost 1899 AED for the same time. Again, if you want to enjoy adventure for a longer duration, the cost will also increase. Get a 20% discount on all prices if you book during Ramadan.

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Get a chance to break your Fast in the desert’s serene environment during the Holy month of Ramadan while also engaging in some fun and exciting off-road exploration of dune buggies. Call Enduro Bike Advanture today and reserve your seat for the next month and get discounts and exclusive deals as well.

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