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Celebrate Ramadan with Special Motorcycle Rental Offers in Dubai

Want to try something unique in Ramadan while in Dubai and like to go someplace far away from all the crowded city and bustling life? Well, you can now book a Motorcycle Rental Dubai ride and go on an off-roading trip with your friends to explore the scenic routes of the desert.

A tour such as this in the natural landscape offers a contrasting experience from the city and allows one to relax and refresh one’s mind. If you are fasting, then you will also have the opportunity to break your fast in the middle of the desert at the Bedouin campsite, feasting on an Iftar buffet while viewing the breathtaking sunset view around the evening.

Let’s learn in detail what Motorcycle Dubai tours are all about and the packages you can avail yourself of during Ramadan.

Why is Motorcycle Dubai a Must-try Activity in Ramadan?

Here are some reasons as to why you must try dirt biking in Dubai during your visit:

  • An Exciting Desert Adventure

The expansive desert terrains in Dubai provide an ideal setting for dirt bike enthusiasts who like to try motocross racing. Off-roading has never been more fun than when you maneuver through spectacular dunes and rocky land.

It is when you push the starter button and get on your dirt bike that you start your journey, where there are only limits you can set for yourself.

  • Breathtaking Desert Sceneries

Take a trip on a dirt bike in Dubai and be awed by the views of the desert that are not found anywhere else. Observe the breathtaking sunsets over the desert and everlasting dunes on your journey as you challenge the dunes.

This journey provides you with an exceptional chance to get close to nature and enjoy the stunning Arabian desert firsthand.

  • An Activity That is Appropriate for All Skill Levels

Dirt biking in Dubai is a cool activity for all riders, may they be experienced riders or beginners. A number of packages from local tour operators are available, ranging from training sessions for new riders to challenging trails for experienced cyclists.

Those who have never been into dirt biking can master the basics rapidly and become part of this thrilling sport.

Exciting and Adrenaline-Pumping Experiences
  • Exciting and Adrenaline-Pumping Experiences

The desert topography of Dubai makes the sport of dirt bike riding extremely exciting. The adrenaline rush from the power of the dirt bike and the challenge of shifting through dunes and difficult tracks is something you will remember for a long time.

Your heart will be racing, and you will be delighted by the thrill of the activity.

  • Guidance From Local Experts

A lot of companies nowadays provide Bike Service Dubai rides along with an experienced guide. What is more, the guides offered not only ensure your safety but also enhance the overall experience as well. The guides who have been there and done that also know the way around the best trails, the most attractive and exciting areas of the desert, and the adventurous and challenging routes.

They are there to assist you all the way through the trip, so you will not be distracted from the trip by wondering which way you should go.

Read our detailed guide on Motorcycle Rental Dubai Tips to prepare for this tour.

Motorcycle Dubai Packages in Ramadan

You can book Motorcycle tours in Ramadan and go on exciting off-roading trips with your friends while also getting the opportunity to enjoy hospitality from the locals and break your fast with a delicious Iftar meal at the campsite. Here are the best packages for you:

  • Sunset Tour Package

Motorcycle rides in Ramadan are best enjoyed around the evening when you get the opportunity to witness the mesmerizing sunset while also breaking your fast on Iftar time. Most companies in Dubai offer 1,2,3, and 4-hour dirt bike tours. If you are fasting, then we recommend that you book a 1 and 2-hour tour so you don’t exhaust yourself much.

At Enduro Bike Advanture, we offer a 1-hour KTM 450cc bike ride for 700 AED and 2 hours for 930 AED. You can also book Husqvarna 450cc for the same rates. Book during Ramadan and get 20% off on the deal and packages.

  • Group Tour Packages

Take along your friends and book a tour for the whole group. Traverse the vast dunes, check out the best scenic spots, and engage in short racing sessions that are sure to get your heart pumping with adrenaline. Afterwards, end your tour with a delicious Iftar buffet at the campsite

Do remember to bring a camera to record the journey and capture the best shots of the trip.

All the motorcycle packages offered at Enduro Bike Advanture during Ramadan include an Iftar buffet around the evening. You don’t have to be fasting to enjoy this buffet; even non-Muslims can enjoy the hospitality of the locals and eat until they are satisfied.


Motorcycle rental Dubai is surely an exciting and fun activity to try on your vacation. If you are thinking of breaking your fast in Ramadan somewhere far away in peaceful surroundings, then you should definitely consider this ride.

Do call Enduro Bike Advanture for the best deals and packages and get an early discount as well.

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Muhammad Bilal Mohsin
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