Find All the Best Desert Safari Tour Options in Ramadan

Find All the Best Desert Safari Tour Options in Ramadan

Have you thought about exploring deserts while fasting or do you want to spend some relaxing time in a peaceful desert setting and break your fast (Iftar) at a campsite in the evening? Well, you can do that and much more on desert safari tours that are conducted in the Holy month of Ramadan in Dubai.

There are tons of adventure activities to choose from on a Dubai desert safari tour. The popular ones include dune buggy rides, quad biking, sandboarding, dirt biking, and a complete safari tour. In Ramadan, if you book a tour around the evening, you can also enjoy a delicious Iftar buffet dinner that will surely make you return again.

Let’s discuss in detail what it is like to explore Dubai deserts in Ramadan, along with a few helpful tips to make your visit memorable. As a non-Muslim, if you don’t know what Ramadan and Iftar are, we will give you a brief description of them. 

What is Ramadan?

A crescent moon is traditionally sighted during Ramadan to mark the beginning of the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. During Ramadan, we are encouraged to reflect and devote ourselves to God. During the month of Ramadan, people abstain from eating, drinking, and smoking from dawn until dusk.

The iftar meal is eaten after sunset to break the fast. Traditionally, people consume dates and other dried fruits before evening prayers. In the evening, many non-Muslims partake in special Iftar feasts offered by restaurants, which are usually shared with friends and family. The suhoor meal is taken just before sunrise to begin fasting.

Adventure Activities in Dubai During Ramadan

As we know, Dubai is a major Muslim city, and we can assume the majority of the population here fasts the entire month. Non-Muslims are not required to fast during this month and most

Most restaurants and eateries remain open during the day, so there are plenty of choices for refreshments during the daytime.

Also, remember one thing: if you are visiting Dubai during Ramadan, you will find the city less crowded because the business hours are shorter and many places are open for limited hours.

If you are one of those individuals seeking desert adventures and off-roading tours, then we are glad to inform you that you can enjoy all these activities and much more during Ramadan.  Many tour operators still offer their services for such activities. After exploring the desert, you can enjoy a delicious Iftar dinner at the campsite and relax after a hectic day. The most popular desert activities are dune buggy rides, quad biking, and dirt biking.

Let’s discuss in detail what these activities are and what it’s like to experience them during Ramadan.

Desert Adventures to Do in Ramadan ​

Desert Adventures to Do in Ramadan

Here are some major activities to expect on your Ramadan Dubai desert adventure.

  • Dune Buggy Rides

Dune buggy rental Dubai rides are ideal for family and group tours as you can book 4-seater models that can accommodate 5-6 people easily. So if you and your group are seeking an off-roading adventure in Dubai during Ramadan, then we recommend booking a buggy safari Dubai right away.

As a Muslim, if you are fasting, we recommend that you book short tours so you don’t feel too exhausted or thirsty. Also, remember to book dune buggy rides in the evening so you can break your fast later at the campsite and enjoy eating the Iftar buffet that offers various local and international dishes.

  • Quad Bike Rides

Quad Bike Rental Dubai, or what we commonly call ATVs, are special off-road vehicles designed to be driven in rough and challenging desert conditions. You can book them in Ramadan for a Dubai desert off-roading trip and go explore anywhere you want to.

Remember to follow the safety guidelines, and if you are fasting, keep your tour short. Evening times are best for quad bike rides because you get to experience the beautiful sunset views and also break the fast around this time as well.

  • Motorcycle Rides

Motorcycle rental Dubai is another exciting and fun activity to enjoy on a desert safari adventure on your vacation in Ramadan. Compared to the other two, Motorcycle rental rates are quite cheap, and these are perfect for solo tours. It offers the same thrill and excitement one craves on off-road tours. Do remember driving dirt bikes is a little tricky, and one must be a professional to handle them, so take a few beginner lessons if you are not familiar with its control and techniques.

  • Complete Desert Safari Adventure

If you would like to see some cultural insights into the region along with off-roading exploration, then a Best Desert Safari Dubai tour is what you need. Here, you get to try dune bashing rides, quad biking, sandboarding, camel rides, and cultural shows at the campsite as well. Do remember that shows in Ramadan are limited in respect of the month.

The main highlight of the desert safari is the iftar buffer dinner, which comprises several local and international dishes that include starters, BBQ, main course dinner, and much more. Everyone can enjoy Iftar in Dubai Desert regardless of whether they are fasting or not. Many non-Muslims also come for desert safaris in Ramadan only to try the Iftar dishes and enjoy a culinary experience.


Dubai desert adventures are quite popular worldwide, and even in the Holy month of Ramadan, one can enjoy off-roading tours with their family and friends without any restrictions or whatsoever. However, the experience of breaking fast in the middle of the desert and inside a Bedouin camp is very memorable and refreshing.

So if you are in the city seeking such an experience, you can call Enduro Bike Advanture and book your desert tour right away at competitive prices, along with a special discount for the month of Ramadan.

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Muhammad Bilal Mohsin
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