Off-Road Thrills: Mastering the Art of Dune Buggy Riding in Dubai’s Sand Dunes

Dune buggy rental Dubai

Have you gotten bored of driving your car daily from your job to home? Want to try something different and exciting and learn something new? Well, how about mastering the dune buggy rental Dubai amidst the dunes? It is a fun activity to undertake when trying something different. To make it more exciting, you can take along your family members and colleagues with the same enthusiasm for extreme sports. 

We all know Dubai is mostly known for its modern infrastructure that attracts millions of tourists. However, right outside the city lies a vast desert, a perfect playground for off-road enthusiasts and adventure lovers to try thrilling excursions. Among these activities, the most popular one is dune buggy riding, and to approach this adventure, you need the right skills and knowledge. Today, we will discuss some important tips for mastering dune buggy Dubai riding, so read it till the end if you want to master it.

What is Dune Buggy Riding?

Dune buggies are recreational vehicles designed for driving in sands, beaches, or any type of rough terrain. Due to their special design using roll cages and large tires, they easily traverse dunes at high speeds of upto 130 kph. Dubai’s vast deserts are perfect for driving these vehicles for outdoor recreational activities. 

Today, several tour operators offer dune buggies for rent to tourists, locals, or anyone looking to take some steam off work. Further, different types of dune buggies are available, which vary by speed, seating capacity, and engine type used. 

If you are trying out the ride for the first time, we recommend booking a buggy with a low-power engine that you can easily control, and the risk of crashing is low. Usually, Polaris buggies are best for newbies, and if you are a pro, you can book Cam-am buggies, which are much faster and provide a greater thrill. 

At Enduro Bike Advanture we have a wide selection of buggies for rental purposes. We can easily accommodate you whether you are new, professional, alone, or with a group. 

Call us to tell us your requirements so we can plan your tour accordingly so you will love and enjoy it.

golden sand Dune Buggy rental dubai

Mastering Dune Buggy Rental Dubai Ride

Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you become a proficient dune buggy rider in Dubai:

  • Start with a Guided Tour

If you’re new to dune buggy riding or unfamiliar with Dubai’s desert terrain, begin with a guided tour. Company expert guides know everything regarding these rides and know their way around the desert. They can teach you how to drive a buggy, which route is best, and what speed limit you must follow. 

  • Know The Safety Rules and Equipment To Wear

Safety is paramount in dune buggy riding. Before setting out, wear the safety gear provided by your rental company. Also, pay attention to instructions given by the tour guide as they explain how to use safety equipment. 

Typical safety equipment for dune buggy tours includes a helmet, gloves, knee pads, and goggles. Further, during the ride, keep your seat belt on; if you are a passenger, hold tightly onto the handlebars. 

  • Familiarize Yourself with the Dune Buggy Mechanics

Get to know the dune buggy’s controls and how it operates. Take a beginner lesson and a small test drive before going on the actual tour in the wilderness. The main operations of a buggy include. 

  • Steering: Practice steering to understand how the vehicle responds to your movements.
  • Acceleration and brakes: Learn to accelerate gently and apply the brakes smoothly to control your speed. Practice slowing down your buggy at sharp turns and climbing tall dunes. 
  • Shifting gears: If your dune buggy has a manual transmission, understand how the gear system works and when to change it.
  • Study the Desert Terrain

Dubai’s desert offers diverse landscapes, from soft sands to towering dunes. Understanding the terrain is crucial:

Observe the dunes: Analyze the size and shape of the dunes. Smaller dunes are typically more suitable for beginners, while larger dunes present greater challenges.

Master inclines and descents: Practice ascending and descending dunes while maintaining control of the dune buggy.

  • Practice Controlled Speed

As a beginner, you must learn to control the buggy’s speed according to the terrain you are driving in. 

Start with gentle acceleration and gradually increase your speed to a certain limit; do this 4-5 times to know how the buggy responds when you change speed so you get an idea how much to increase and decrease depending on your terrain. 

The same goes for braking. Practice braking smoothly and evenly to avoid sudden stops or skidding. Practice on an easy terrain with fewer bumps and turns so you don’t have to deal with sudden speed changes. 

  • Try Quad Biking

Also, while practicing dune buggy riding in the desert, you can try quad biking. It is a similar activity, but instead, you ride quad bikes, which are much faster in comparison, and doing another activity like this adds extra excitement to your desert adventure. 

At Enduro Bike Advanture you can get both rides at a reasonable price. Call us to book in advance your preferred date. 

  • Remember Your Hydration and Comfort

Dubai’s desert can be intensely hot. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water before and during your ride. Dress comfortably in lightweight clothes that fully cover your body to avoid exposure to the sun. Also, bring sunscreen along and apply it throughout the tour for further protection. 

Bring and refill a water bottle throughout the tour to keep your hydration levels high. Although at the campsite you will get plenty of refreshments. 

  • Respect the Environment

Be mindful of the fragile desert ecosystem. Stay on designated paths and adhere to eco-friendly practices to minimize environmental impact.

Dune buggy rental Dubai

Best Places to Try Dune Buggy, Dubai Riding

You can visit plenty of places on your dune buggy rental Dubai tour; each offers something different to enjoy. Here are the most famous locations:

  • Lahab Desert

The Lahab Desert has one of the most beautiful landscapes in Dubai and is mostly famous for its red dunes. 

Its towering dunes are perfect for those interested in trying some adventure and thrill. Its steep slopes are ideal for practicing dune buggy rides on challenging terrain, and the biggest advantage is that it’s easily accessible and located within a one-hour drive from Dubai.   

  • Mleiha Desert

You can find Mleiha, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, alongside Lahab. Look closely and find tombs from the Bronze Age and fortresses from the pre-Islamic period.

There is little foreign tourism in Mleiha, which gives this area a thrilling “unexplored” feel, which is popular with the locals. Alongside dune buggy adventure, the Mleiha desert also offers the opportunity to learn about local history and interact with locals. 

  • Fossil Rock

As you drive around the Mleiha Desert, look out for Fossil Rock. This iconic landform can be spotted from up to 25 kilometers away.

When this area was submerged, fossils discovered in the crevices here offer a fascinating glimpse into the early marine life that inhabited this area in prehistoric times. 

  • Hatta Desert 

Nestled in the Hajar Mountains, the Hatta Desert offers a picturesque backdrop for dune buggy excursions where you can click some stunning and memorable photos with your loved ones to cherish later. You can find plenty of rolling dunes and rocky formations to drive a dune buggy. 

  • Big Red Dune (Al Hamar) 

As the name suggests, the Big Red Dune is a massive dune that attracts thrill-seekers. Located in the Al Hamar area, it’s known for its challenging climbs and breathtaking views from the top. Only if you are a professional in dune buggy ride can you traverse this area otherwise, we don’t recommend it to anyone. 

  • Liwa Desert

Liwa Desert lies in Rub Al Khali, Abu Dhabi, almost 3 hours away from Dubai. Aside from being referred to as “The Empty Quarter,” the desert is also renowned for being where only experienced and expert dune bashers can enjoy it. Several festivals and challenges are held annually in the desert.

As the largest desert in the world, the Arabian Peninsula occupies a large area of soft sand and shares its border with Saudi Arabia. During the Liwa festival, there is a mountain, Moreeb Dune, which is the main challenge during the week-long festival.

So, a Liwa desert is perfect if you want to enjoy some local culture and festivals on your dune buggy ride. 


Mastering dune buggy riding in Dubai’s dunes is an exciting adventure if you want something different. This experience offers a chance to test your off-road skills, connect with nature, and have a memorable time.  

Whether you’re a novice seeking your first taste of off-road adventure or an experienced rider looking for new challenges, Dubai’s dunes have something to offer everyone. So what are you waiting for? Book your dune buggy rental Dubai tour today with Enduro Bike Advanture, and get ready to explore golden dunes on a memorable trip. 

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