Discovering the Most Scenic Dubai Desert Routes for an Unforgettable Dune Buggy Ride

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Dune buggy rides in Dubai offer you the opportunity to witness some of the most beautiful natural areas in deserts that are sure to take your breath away. Being surrounded by the vast Arabain deserts, the city offers the perfect playground for off-road adventures like dune buggy rental Dubai. These adventures are suitable for everyone regardless of age and skill level. 

If you have gotten tired of exploring the same old places in the city along with the hustle and bustle and want to try something new, then a dune buggy Dubai ride is the best activity to do. To help you find the best routes for this ride, we have written this guide. So read it till the end and select which route you want to take and how to prepare for this awesome ride. Let’s get started.

Best Routes in Dubai for Dune Buggy Rides

Here is a comprehensive list of several desert routes you can choose for your dune buggy adventure in Dubai. Remember, some of these routes and locations are challenging, and only seasonal experts can explore them while driving a buggy. Your tour guide can better help you in choosing the ideal routes. 

  • Dubai Desert Conservation Area 

The Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve is located outside Dubai in the desert area of Saih Al Salam and comprises about 10% of the total land area of the Emirate. Besides being an ideal location for dune buggy rides, as the name suggests, it is also home to nearly 400 species of birds and animals, some of which are considered endangered. 

While enjoying driving a dune buggy over its terrain, you can also click some awesome photographs of these species and test your photography skills. Those who like wildlife and animals should definitely visit this conservation area; they will love it here. As far as dune buggy rides are concerned, this area is suitable for both beginners and experts alike. 

  • Al Faya Desert 

Al Faya desert is the ideal location for those who are seeking a daring and heart-pounding dune buggy ride. It is located about a 50-minute drive from Dubai on the Sharjah-Kalba (E55) route. 

The Faya desert offers a mixed terrain that both seasonal experts and beginners will find ideal for their dune buggy Dubai ride. For beginners, we recommend booking a ‘Guided Tour,’ listening carefully to the instructions of the guide, and driving at a safe speed limit. Drive on the suggested route, and don’t wander off alone far away or go to a difficult route where you might get stuck since this location is a mix of gentle and challenging dunes. 

Besides that, the Faya desert is a very beautiful site, and while driving a buggy there and exploring the area, you will have a memorable time. 

  • Margham Desert

The Margham desert is located along the highway connecting Dubai to Al Ain. Like the Al-Faya desert, this is an ideal location for beginners and experts, offering varying terrain. However, it is much less crowded since its location is far away from the city, but regardless of that, you will have a smooth and relaxing experience here. The vast stretches of sand here provide the ideal conditions for long, uninterrupted riding excursions. 

Drive carefully on tall dunes and bumpy routes and wear the safety equipment provided, which includes a helmet, goggles, and protective sports clothing. 

  • Al-Qudra Desert

Al-Quadra desert is located near the Al-Qudra lakes and is another popular destination for dune buggy rides as well as an ideal picnic spot for families. While the desert is suitable for adventure rides, the lake is manmade, and families can spend time at a campsite and relax as well while savoring local meals. Just like Al Marmoom Desert Conservation, this is home to around 170 native bird species.  

Al-Qudra desert is the perfect location for newbie riders to drive a dune buggy and test out their new skills. The whole area is simple and plain, with little to no bumps at all. Follow your guide instructions, and you will be good to go. Also, be careful not to hurt any of the animal species here while you are driving. 

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  • Big Red (Al Hamar) Dune

The big red dune in the Al Badayer area is one of the most popular places for sports rides like dune bashing, quad biking, and, of course, buggy rental Dubai. It is also known as ‘Lahbab desert,’ but the locals call it Al-Hamar due to its characteristics ‘Red Dunes’ you will find here. The best thing about it is that it’s located close to Dubai, roughly a 40-minute drive from the city on the border of the Emirate of Sharjah

Unlike the previous places mentioned where beginners and newbie riders can enjoy, Al-Hamar is not one of them. This place comprises tall and steep dunes that reach up to 300 feet, and only expert drivers know how to navigate them. 

If you are truly looking for a thrilling experience with your friends and know very well the controls of a dune buggy, then go to ‘Al Hamar’ and have a lifetime experience. Just remember to follow the safety instructions and don’t do anything illegal. 

  • Liwa Desert 

Another favorite spot for thrill-seekers and adventure lovers is the ‘Liwa Desert.’ However, it is quite a distance from Dubai and is part of the Rub’ al Hali desert, which is closer to Abu-Dhabi. 

One thing we can guarantee here is that the scenery is stunning, and the massive dunes of 350 feet are sure to jolt your mind and provide an exhilarating experience when you ascend or descend them. 

For new riders or visitors, we will not recommend Liwa Desert mainly because of its difficult terrain and its distant location from Dubai, for which you will need help finding transport or pickup/drop service. 

These are popular and scenic routes for dune buggy Dubai adventure. Before heading out to any of these locations, remember to book a buggy from a reputable tour operator like Enduro Bike Advanture. Our experienced guides and the latest dune buggy models of 2024 guarantee a safe and fun tour. Check out our amazing deals from the services tab, and call us today to book a tour.

Preparing for Dune Buggy Rides

Here are some preparation tips to follow for your dune buggy adventure. If this is your first time going here, you must bring along some essential items:  

  • Bring a Water Bottle 

Keep a water bottle along the ride and drink it regularly to keep your body hydrated. The temperatures in deserts can get very hot, and to prepare for these temperatures, bring a water bottle and refill it if possible for the entire duration of the tour. 

  • Wear the Safety Gear Provided 

You will be provided with safety equipment by your tour operator before you hop on the buggy. Please wear that equipment and don’t take it off while you are driving. Never compromise on your safety; it doesn’t matter if you are a professional or not. 

The equipment mainly includes a helmet, goggles, and sports clothing. Check the quality of the equipment as well, and if it’s worn out or is too tight or loose, have it replaced immediately. 

  • Wear Comfortable Clothing 

For dune buggy rides, wear comfortable and lightweight clothes. Don’t wear anything too tight, like jeans or skinny shirts that might make you uncomfortable. For ladies, we recommend avoiding wearing short skirts or anything that exposes too much body. These types of dresses are not allowed in the UAE. 

  • Check the Quality of Buggy Provided 

Please inspect the buggy provided and ensure that it matches your requirements and, most importantly, that it works properly and has no issues. Take it for a test drive and see if its brakes and clutch system are working perfectly. 

If you suspect anything wrong, ask your tour operator to take it, and if you are not satisfied, have them replace the buggy at once. Never drive a faulty vehicle because there will always be a risk of an accident. 

  • Check the Weather Conditions 

Do check on your mobile app about the weather conditions of the route you have chosen. If there is a sandstorm or rain that day, then don’t go out and cancel your tour. It’s impossible to drive in rainy and muddy conditions. 

Ask your tour operator to arrange the tour on another day, or if you don’t have time, you can ask for a refund. Some operators do offer 100% refunds. At the time of booking, read the terms and conditions regarding refunds and book accordingly. 


Dubai’s vast deserts provide the best dune buggy experience in the world. You will find a memorable adventure at the city’s dunes, regardless of whether you are an avid adrenaline junkie or are searching for a unique experience in the desert. 

For information regarding booking dune buggy tours or any more queries, please contact Enduro Bike Advanture. We are ready to provide you with the ultimate dune buggy rental Dubai experience. 

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