How to spend a long weekend in Dubai?

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Are you in Dubai for a business trip, or do you work a job here and have little free time to explore the city and its surroundings? You might get to do so on a long weekend that happens at least twice or thrice a year, usually on Eid holidays. 

Long weekends are the perfect time for you to relax your mind and relieve your work stress. Plan a city trip with your friends and colleagues on these three days and have a memorable time. 

While in Dubai, you are never short of fun and exciting things to try. With its latest innovations and lifestyle, the city attracts nearly 10 million tourists every year, according to Dubai Media Office. Here, one can find everything that caters to their needs regardless of age. A kid can enjoy at Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark, an adventure enthusiast can enjoy a thrilling dune buggy rental Dubai ride, and women can go shopping at Dubai Mall or Mall of the Emirates. Hence, you are not short of destinations. 

However, to plan for your long weekend, you need a proper itinerary that everyone can enjoy and doesn’t find boring. So, we have prepared the following itinerary to make the most of your long weekend in Dubai.

Day 1 of Long Weekend

Stop #1: A Hop-On Hop-Off Tour of Dubai by Big Bus

The two-hour open-top Hop-On/Hop-Off Big Bus Dubai Tour gives you a bird’s eye view of Dubai as it rolls down Sheikh Zayed Road, the main highway. Visiting Sheikh Zayed Road is an excellent way to begin your introduction to Dubai since many important landmarks can be seen directly from the airport. For each site, you will be provided with contextual information, historical context, and entertaining anecdotes by your onboard guide. 

Also, you can hop on and off to explore at your convenience. With the bus tour, you will have the opportunity to view more than 40 points of interest. Burj Khalifa, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah mosque, and The Palm are among the most popular tour highlights.

Stop #2: Go to Mall Of The Emirates

For shopping enthusiast members, particularly ladies, you must visit the Mall of the Emirates. Hop down from your big bus if you want to because it is just down Sheikh Zaid Road.  

There are countless high-end brands and shops to buy clothes, boutiques, and electronics here. Further, the food court and restaurants here offer Italian, Arabic, Mexican, Indian and American cuisine. You can also watch a movie at the 4D cinema if a blockbuster is playing around that time. Visit the local specialty shops to find things to take back home as souvenirs.

Stop #3: Have Fun at Ski Dubai Resort

While visiting the Mall of the Emirates and shopping for boutiques, clothes, and electronics, don’t miss out on the Ski Dubai resort. It is the biggest ski resort in the entire Middle East. Here, you can check the ‘Mountain Thriller’ ride, where the whole family can enjoy a bobsled course while sliding down from 85m height. 

There is also a snow cave where you can practice making and throwing snowballs. Occasionally, observe real Gentoo and king penguins walking across the slopes! Lessons and rentals are available for every skill level at Ski Dubai, from beginners to professionals. As for the children, they are welcome to explore the penguin zone or play on the ice playground. 

Stop #4: See the Dubai Fountains At Dubai Mall

At one time, Dubai Mall was the largest and most technologically advanced mall in the world. It has always remained glorious, featuring incredible shops, dining options, multiplex cinemas, and an indoor skating rink. You can skip the Mall of Emirates and come here for shopping if you want to because both malls’ shops and brands are almost identical. 

However, there is one thing you can’t find at the Mall of Emirates: the dancing Dubai Fountains.  This is the most elaborate fountain system in the world and can be found just outside of Dubai Mall, covering the entire downtown area of Dubai. A light show and performances set to Arabic and world music highlight the Fountains daily. The sunsets from these vantage points are spectacular. 

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Stop #5: At The Top - Burj Khalifa

A long weekend trip is your perfect chance to visit the tallest building in the world- the Burj Khalifa. Go to the top 140th floor and have a mesmerizing view of the entire city against the desert background that stretches for miles. 

Admire this architectural giant from up close and snap some pictures to commemorate your trip. One important tip for visiting Burj Khalifa is advance booking online at least a week before your visit. If you purchase tickets on the spot, you might have to wait in queue for your turn due to the large crowds that gather here. 

Stop# 6: Dinner In Dubai Festival City

If you haven’t had the chance to eat at shopping malls, then fret not; there are many better options, like the Dubai City Festival, located a short distance from Burj Khalifa. 

Here, you can try the three-course Italian meal at Buca di Beppo. Further, many cafes and restaurants offer fast food and continental and international dishes you can savor. 

Here is a list of the most famous eateries here according to Tripadvisor:

  • Pierre’s TT
  • MezzaLuna
  • Anise
  • Nando’s Dubai Festival City Mall
  • Vista Restaurant & Terrace

Dine in one of these fine places to end day 1 of your long weekend.

Day 2 of Long Weekend

Stop #1: Mattel Play Town Tour (With Family and Kids)

Take a trip to Mattel Play to get your second day in Dubai off to a fun start! This town is in the heart of an urban residential and entertainment district and offers many attractions. Kids will enjoy learning through play and participating in crafts and activities here. They can also watch entertaining live shows of their favorite characters like Thomas the Tank Engine, Angelina Ballerina, and Barney and explore adventures with them. 

The goal is to increase their creativity and socialization through teamwork and problem-solving skills.

Stop #2: Aquaventure Waterpark

Thinking about going on a water cruise for a long weekend in Dubai? We recommend enjoying the splash at Aquaventure at Atlantis The Palm on your second day. The hotel has a tropical atmosphere where you can enjoy water slides, lazy rivers, and beach sitting, suitable for all ages. 

Those who want adventure can dive into a shark-filled lagoon on the Leap of Faith slide, or they can ride the maze of the Aquaventure River rides that connect waterways to the Tower of Neptune. You can take kids to play in Splasher’s Children’s Play Areas, where they can enjoy small water slides, climb the frames, and walk on a rope bridge alongside water cannons.

Stop #3: Some Beach Time Fun

You haven’t had the chance to go to the beach for your long weekend, now have you? Well, why don’t you visit La Mer. This is among Dubai’s most developed public beaches, where you can spend quality time with your family. Also, there are several restaurants to eat and small shops to buy local items if you want to. If you visit Dubai with children, they will love it here – it is very family-friendly.

Stop#4: Sunset Dinner Cruise at Dubai Marina

Cap off the second day of your long weekend with a sunset dinner cruise around Dubai Marina.  

Cruise around one of Dubai’s scenic areas while capturing it all on your camera. Around evening, you can witness the Marina lights turned on, adding a new sense of excitement and view. 

As for the dinner, you have two choices: sit inside in an air-conditioned lounge or open-air. It also depends on the weather outside. Here, you can enjoy a delicious Buffet alongside unlimited soft drinks, water, tea, and Kehwa. There is an extensive array of international cuisines (including local Arabic cuisines), pasta stations, and desserts to choose from.

Well, that ends your day 2 of the long weekend in Dubai; now, head to your hotel or house to sleep tight as you prepare for the final day filled with adventure, fun, and cultural experiences. 

Day 3 of Long Weekend

You have spent quality time exploring the city and engaging in fun activities at various spots for the past two days. For the final day, we recommend spending some time in nature, far away from city lights and crowds, and heading down to the desert for a safari tour. 

Here is everything to know regarding desert safari and the activities you can enjoy here. Adventure lovers and thrill seekers who haven’t enjoyed an activity to their liking for the last two days will love it here. 

Dubai Desert Safari Tour

The Desert Safari Adventure

You can book three types of desert safari tours in Dubai: Morning, Evening, and Overnight safari. All three options are fun and offer equal excitement for the participants. It depends on your preference. 

Stop#1: Morning Desert Safari

If you can get up early and don’t feel exhausted, we recommend going on a morning safari tour with your family. Start your tour with a thrilling 4×4 dune bashing ride with sunrise views that are hard to witness in the city. Afterward, go to the campsite for a delicious Emirati breakfast and prepare for the next adventure- dune buggy rental Dubai, quad biking, or sandboarding, depending on your preference. 

Those not interested in adventure can stay at the campsite, interacting with locals and enjoying henna tattooing, falconry display, and camel rides. You can also add a hot air balloon ride for a more heightened experience of the desert.

Stop#2: Visit the Palm

After you are done with your safari tour, you can head back to the city and visit ‘The Palm, ’ another miracle of Dubai. 

Here, you can experience the full view of ‘Palm Jumeirah Beach,’ a man-made island renowned for its engineering and Palm-like tree design.

Stop#3: Enjoy the Evening at a Spa

Book a spa appointment towards the end of the weekend to relax and take all your fatigue away from a desert safari adventure. It is no surprise that Dubai is home to some of the finest spas in the world – and if you enjoy spa treatments, you should consider booking a treatment during your Dubai weekend visit.

Here is a list of famous spas in the city:

  • The Spa at Palace Downtown
  • Amara Spa at Park Hyatt
  • Talise Spa at Madinat Jumeirah
  • Guerlain Spa at One&Only The Palm
  • Talise Ottoman Spa at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray
  • Awaken Wellness

Important Tip:

Those who want to spend a whole day in the desert and want to indulge in cultural experiences can book an evening or overnight desert safari. An evening safari tour happens just around sunset; before that, you can explore other city locations or rest and prepare for a safari adventure only. In addition to all the morning safari activities, you can enjoy cultural shows (belly dance and Tanoura) and savor a delicious BBQ dinner at the campsite in the evening. While on an overnight safari, you sleep in a tent and witness stargazing in the night sky. 


How do you like our complete itinerary for a long weekend in Dubai? We hope you find it helpful, and in case you need any help planning your trip to Dubai and want recommendations and tips, contact Enduro Bike Advanture; our staff is available for help. For desert safari and dune buggy packages, visit our service page and book now to get a 30% discount.

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