How Do You Make Buggy Rentals Dubai Tour so Enjoyable?

Buggy rentals dubai tour enjoyable

Are you planning on going to a Buggy Rentals Dubai adventure? If you do, that’s an excellent choice for an off-roading trip where you get to see the untamed beauty of its deserts while also relaxing in the peaceful settings. Dubai has a lot more to offer than just shopping malls, restaurants, and tall buildings.

Those of you who have gotten tired of city sights should go and explore the vast deserts for a change in scenery, and Dune Buggy Ride Dubai is the best way to do this. To make your Dubai desert trip entertaining and fun here are a few tips to follow.

How do you make your Buggy Rentals Dubai Trip Enjoyable?

Follow these tips for an enjoyable, fun, and memorable dune buggy adventure in Dubai.

  • Wear Comfortable Clothes

Comfort is of utmost importance when it comes to desert trips since the temperature and overall environment there differ a lot from what we experience in the city. There are no air-conditioners so you must come prepared to deal with the hot temperatures there.

The first step to dealing with it is to wear nice and comfortable clothes that are not too tight as well. Remember to wear full-sleeve shirts and bring a hat and sunglasses too. Women should avoid wearing short skirts or anything that exposes the body too much; the main reason is to protect themselves from harmful sun rays, and also, locals don’t appreciate it much.

  • Bring a Camera Along the Ride

How can one enjoy being in the desert while admiring its beauty but fail to capture it? That’s why you must bring a camera along on your buggy rental Dubai ride. If you have a DSLR, it’s much better because it captures very good HD photos due to its autofocus capabilities.

Some people also like to record the tour on a buggy while riding, and for such purposes, GoPro cameras are the best. Just remember to ask your tour operator if you are allowed to fit the camera on the buggy in such a way that it doesn’t hinder its controls.

If you don’t have a DSLR or GoPro camera, it’s completely fine because they are expensive, and not everyone is an avid photographer. Use your mobile camera for photography and capture the beautiful sunsets and rolling dunes on your trip. You just want to capture the memories of your tour, and mobile will do that for you.

Buggy rentals Dubai desert
  • Book Dune Buggy Ride Around Evening

For a memorable off-roading trip, we recommend that you book your buggy ride Dubai around the evening, which is usually between 4-6:00 PM. Drive on top of a hill to witness the beautiful and stunning sunset views and observe how the golden hues of the desert change as the sun goes down the horizon.

Such settings are very romantic and perfect for couples or newlywed people who are on their honeymoon tour. Do photograph yourself against this background and keep that picture as a souvenir for the rest of your life.

During the winter season, always book buggy rides in advance on your preferred date and day since it’s peak tourist season, and rates might increase according to demand.

  • Pose with a Falcon

Click some pictures while posing with a falcon on your wrists. Falcons, like camels, have been an integral part of the Arab world for a long time and were used in the past for hunting by travelers. Your tour guide can better help you in finding a falcon you can click pictures with that you can later post on your social media to amaze your friends.

  • Enjoy Desert Trip With ‘Guided Tours’

It would be beneficial if you chose a guided tour, especially if it is your first time taking the tour. As the guides are familiar with the area, they are able to assist you in navigating through the desert safely. Plus, they know the best tourist attractions in the desert that are worth visiting and will make your whole tour even more enjoyable.

  • Add Other Desert Activities

One of the best ways to make your buggy rental Dubai tour enjoyable and exciting is to add a few other desert activities or book a complete safari package. A desert safari package offers a lot more than just dune buggy rides; you can even enjoy dune bashing, quad biking, camel rides, and sandboarding as well.

You also get to see the cultural side of the Arabs too on desert safaris in the form of henna painting, dance performances, and fire shows at a Bedouin campsite. Plus, to top it off, you can enjoy a delicious BBQ dinner.


Dune Buggy Rentals Dubai offers the best way to explore the vast and beautiful desert of the region in the most exciting and fun way possible. Do plan a tour such as this on your visit to Dubai with your family and friends, and we guarantee you will have a memorable time.

For more information regarding dune buggy tours and the best deals/packages, call Enduro Bike Advanture. Check our service tabs for more desert activities we offer at competitive prices. 

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