Capture the Memories: Best Cameras and Gadgets for Dune Buggy Dubai Fun

Capture the Memories of Dune Buggy Dubai Fun

Going on your first ever off-roading dune buggy Dubai trip and have no idea what gadgets or items to bring along for fun and enjoyment. Well, there is no need to worry at all; we got you covered. Dubai deserts are among the most beautiful in the entire world and are home to some of the endangered and rare species that are worth capturing.

Besides, such tours are best for creating new joyful moments with your family and loved ones that you can cherish for a long time. So, without further ado, here are some important cameras and gadgets you need for your buggy ride Dubai tour.

Best Camera for Your Dune Buggy Dubai Tour

Here is a short list of cameras you can bring to capture the desert scenery on your dune buggy safari.

  • GoPro Hero Series Cameras

GoPro cameras are best for capturing your tour while you ride on a dune buggy. You can easily attach them to the side of the buggy or on your helmet, and they will record the entire tour as you laugh, scream, and enjoy while Discovering the Most Scenic Desert Routes. They are very durable and record very high-quality videos as well.

However, some tour companies may object to their use on your buggy since it may interfere with its controls or cause an accident. You must ask for permission from your operators before attaching them to the vehicle.

  • DJI Osmo Action Camera

DJI camera, as its name suggests, can capture any action or quick moment (that you will get a lot on dune buggy tours) in high quality with sharpness. Even though there will be a ton of bumps and movements during the off-roading trip, these cameras can record smooth and stable videos and photos that you will enjoy looking at for the rest of your life.

Just make sure you can hold these cameras in your hand in the correct position with a strong grip for the best recording.

  • Sony RXO II

Sony RXO is a tiny camera that one can easily carry anywhere in a pocket, but it delivers very high-quality images even in a small package. When riding a dune buggy, you can easily carry it and record the tour. The image stabilization feature of this camera makes it suitable for capturing action moments.

  • DSLR Camera

If you simply want to capture desert scenery or wildlife that resides while walking or riding a camel, then a DSLR camera is best. Its autofocus and zoom capabilities are ideal for photographing distant locations easily and in high quality. Also, it usually comes with a large memory card that can hold thousands of photos.

  • Mobile Cameras

Mobile cameras can also work for dune buggy Dubai tours if you don’t have any of the above cameras we have mentioned. Just make sure your mobile has the image stabilization feature to record high-speed rides. You can also buy a ‘Selfie Stick’ as well to hold the camera while you walk and make videos.

The latest iPhone, Samsung S series, and Google Pixel phones are best for desert photography; see if you or anyone in your group owns them.

Memories of dune buggy dubai fun

Other Mandatory Items to Keep on Your Dune Buggy Tour

Apart from the camera, there are a few other things that should be brought for an excellent and comfortable dune buggy tour.

  • Sunscreen Lotion

Desert is characterized by high temperatures, and much exposure to the heat for long hours may cause the skin to disintegrate. Therefore, it is vital for you to carry a sunscreen lotion and apply it frequently on all the days of the tour to save your skin. If you forgot to bring it, it’s totally cool; you can buy it from a local shop with a cash payment.

  • A Water Bottle

Dehydration is a risk while going through dune buggy rides; therefore, a water bottle is required to keep yourself hydrated and energized in order to be ready for the ride. Please remember to top up your water bottle and make sure to take regular breaks during your ride to give your body the rest it needs.

  • Extra Batteries

Buy some spare batteries for the camera you are going to take with you on your off-roading trip because you never know whether the power might run out and the desert does not have any electricity to charge the batteries.

  • Chest Mounts

Chest mounts serve as helpful tools for taking videos and photos of the tour without the use of hands. They can hold your camera in a safe manner, and give you good balance.

  • Small Bag

Carry a small briefcase to contain all that we have mentioned above. The purse should be portable, meaning it should be capable of being carried in hand or around the shoulder. Nevertheless, remember that you are supposed to have the bag with you, and tour companies, in most cases, do not take responsibility for the bag in case it goes missing or stolen.


Having a camera and the right equipment ensures you have a good and enjoyable time in the desert on your Dune buggy Dubai tour. We hope you enjoyed reading this small piece of guide on cameras for off-roading trips. For more information or to book dune buggy rides, please contact Enduro Bike Advanture today and talk to our representatives.

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Muhammad Bilal Mohsin
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