Quad Bike Rental Dubai: A Comprehensive Guide to Off-Road Riding Etiquette

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A quad bike rental Dubai tour in the vast, expansive desert of Dubai is undoubtedly the best activity you can do on your vacation. It helps to relax your mind and takes all your worries away. There are numerous tour operators from whom you can rent a quad bike for your off-road trip at affordable rates and depending on your group size.

If you are interested in booking a tour and know how to drive a quad bike, do call Enduro Bike Advanture and reserve your seat at your preferred time and date. Nevertheless, if you need some guidance regarding proper procedures and driving etiquette for quad biking, then continue reading this article.

Safety Tips For a Quad Biking Tour in Dubai

Here is a list of safety tips and driving rules to follow when quad biking in Dubai.

  • Wearing Safety Gear

The first, foremost, and most important precaution is to wear the safety equipment provided in your package. It consists of the following items:

Helmet: A helmet protects your head from injury or concussion that you might get from a collision in an accident. Wear your helmet to ensure it properly fits your head and is neither too loose nor too tight. Ask for a replacement if you think this is the case. Also, check the helmet quality as well; if its strap is broken or the front glass has a crack, replace it as well. 

Gloves: These are special sports gloves that allow better handling of the bike handlebars when you use them for steering. They prevent your hand from becoming slippery, which may cause difficulty in driving. Like helmets, ensure that gloves fit your hand and are neither too loose.

Goggles: Goggles are very helpful in providing a clear vision for your ride. They prevent flying sand and dust from getting in your eyes, which is obvious in the desert because light winds and breezes happen from time to time.

Long boots: Long boots prevent sand from accumulating inside your feet and provide comfort during the ride because this accumulation can irritate you. Also, sometimes foot blisters develop as well due to the accumulation of sand particles if you don’t clean quickly.

  • Learn and Understand the Workings of Quad Bike

As a newbie, always take learner lessons about driving an Atv Quad bike and understand its controls and functions. Many tour operators offer ‘Guided Tours’ where an expert guide helps you drive a quad bike and provides valuable safety tips that you must follow. Listen to your guide instructions carefully and follow them thoroughly.

Also, if you know how to drive a regular bike, then a quad bike will be no issue at all because the functions are almost the same, and the only difference is the driving conditions. Driving on the road and driving on rough sand surfaces differ greatly. Do read the Ultimate Quad Bike Rental Guide to understand how to choose a tour operator in Dubai.

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  • Inspect Your Quad Bike

Always check the condition of your quad bike to ensure that all its controls are working properly and there are no flaws in it. Better yet, take the bike for a test drive in the open and try its brakes, throttle, and steering just to ensure they function properly and there are no faults.

If you have booked a tour in the late evening, then check the headlights as well because they are very useful in these conditions. Finally, verify that your quad bike has the appropriate amount of fuel to last long for the entirety of your tour. 

  • Understand Riding Etiquette

After learning about the functions of a quad bike, you must also follow the rules and regulations when driving it, some of which are listed below:

Follow Speed Limit: Always drive your quad bike at the mentioned speed limit to stay safe and avoid any accidents. Your tour guide will inform you about the speed limit; usually, it is around 40-50 kph.

Drive on Designated Routes: Remember to drive on the designed routes and don’t wander off in unauthorized or private areas where outsider entry is forbidden. You can read the signs along the route and follow them. Some of these are conservation areas for endangered wildlife species, and going there might result in fines or cancellation of tours.

Your tour guide will explain to you the government regulations and laws that you must adhere to.

Maintain Safe Distance: You will most likely encounter fellow tourists on your quad bike rental tour, and some of these might be trying for the first time just like you. Maintain a safe distance between your bike and theirs to avoid any collisions or mishaps. Slow down your bike when you approach another rider, and when making a turn around a corner, use an indicator to show your direction.

Drive Solo if Possible: Quad bikes are most suitable for solo rides and excursions; although you can ride a passenger at the back, but for first-time riders, we recommend driving solo. Having a passenger on the bike will cause bike imbalance, and you will have difficulty driving.

  • Riding Techniques

For a first-time rider, you might not expertly drive a bike in difficult situations like climbing a tall dune or making sharp turns. Use both brakes of the bike, front and back, to avoid skidding or flipping of the vehicle. Lean into turns and control speed while navigating corners to prevent tipping.

  • Ride Responsibly

Please avoid reckless driving or racing with your friends while on a quad bike rental Dubai tour. Such activities can result in fatal accidents and might get you in legal trouble as well. For racing, there are separate tracks and procedures that you can ask from your tour operator, but for a casual ride and exploration of the desert with family, refrain from engaging in these activities.

Also, never drive while drinking alcohol or beer. Although you will not find any alcoholic drinks in deserts in Dubai, some people might bring them along from the city. Apart from causing an accident, you will get in legal trouble and arrested as well for endangering the lives of others and yours.

  • Bring a Water Bottle and Small Snacks

A quad biking tour is physically exhausting, which results in dehydration and drains all your body’s energy. That’s why you must bring a water bottle along on the tour and drink it at regular intervals. Also, bring small snacks like granola bars, dry fruits, and nuts to maintain your energy levels.

Take regular breaks on the tour to drink water and eat these snacks. Additional tip: take a break on top of a tall hill to witness the beautiful sunset scenery and changing colors of sand as the sun goes down. Bring your camera along to capture this scenery.

  • Protect The Environment

Take care of the desert environment and ecosystem, and avoid polluting it by throwing litter around. Use trash cans installed there for this purpose. Talking about ecosystems, Dubai deserts are home to some of the rarest wildlife species, and please don’t injure any if you see them during your ride.

As we have mentioned, entry to such areas where these species reside is forbidden, but some might get out and wander off. Slow down your bike when you see one, and drive slowly around them. Take their pictures if you want, but don’t harm any.


By adhering to these safety guidelines and riding etiquette, you can ensure a safer and more enjoyable off-road quad bike rental Dubai experience while preserving the environment and respecting others’ safety on the trails.

For more information and queries regarding the tour, please call Enduro Bike Advanture and talk to our representatives. Check our service tab for more information on quad bike packages. Book your tour with us today and allow us to make your vacation a memorable one. 

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Muhammad Bilal Mohsin
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