Everything You Need to Know About Riding a Dune Buggy in Dubai

Everything You Need to Know About Riding a Dune Buggy in Dubai

If you want to explore the surroundings deserts of Dubai and see the hidden beauty of the area, then there is no better choice than renting a dune buggy and going on an off-road tour. These vehicles are solely built for driving in difficult desert areas that have rough and bumpy terrain. 

Tourists and locals can rent these vehicles from local tour companies at hourly rates and according to the various models they come in. If you are planning Dune buggy Dubai tours for your vacations and don’t know much about it, then here is a brief guide in which we explain some important details like driving suggestions and safety tips. Be sure to read till the end. Let’s get started.

What is Dune Buggy Riding in Dubai?

Dune buggies are special off-road vehicles built for use on sand dunes, beaches or similar areas. They come with powerful engines and large tyres that help them perform their functions. As Dubai is surrounded by a large Arabian desert which has many scenic spots as well as challenging ones too, so therefore these vehicles are best for driving in these conditions. 

Dune buggy riding is an adventurous activity that is sure to get your heart racing, because it involves special driving techniques to handle it in the difficult desert areas. However, fret not, there are tour guides available in the desert who can teach you everything there is to know about it and how to drive it. You can find easily affordable buggy rental options in Dubai with guided tours if you plan to learn about off-roading and explore the desert with your friends and families. 

Remember to follow safety guidelines and drive with caution.

Important Tips to Know About a Riding Dune Buggy

Important Tips to Know About a Riding Dune Buggy

Here are some important tips to remember when riding a dune buggy in Dubai:

  • Familiarize Yourself With the Buggy  

Take some time to familiarize yourself with the buggy and its controls if you have never ridden one before. Start by sitting in the driver seat and adjust yourself in a way that is comfortable and relaxing and also provides easy access to steering wheels and hand brakes. 

Also find other buggy features and their function as well like headlights, gear shift and accelerator. 

  • Learn About Basic Functions 

After you have familiarized yourself with the buggy, it’s time to learn the basic functions. These include gas pedals, brakes and shifting gear. Each of these is very important for driving in the desert. 

 The gas pedal is used for acceleration and when starting a buggy press it slowly to get a head start and if you want to speed up press it harder. To slow down the buggy, release the gas pedal. The brakes are used for stopping the buggy. Now comes the tricky part of shifting gears which you need to understand when to up-shift the gear or downshift according to the situation like climbing or going down from a steep dune. 

  • Inspect the Buggy 

Always thoroughly inspect the buggy before taking it for a ride in the desert. Please make sure that all its controls are working properly and there are no faults in the vehicle. If possible, take it for a small test drive for peace of mind. 

  • Wear the Safety Equipment 

Always wear the safety equipment provided by the tour company for desert off-roading tours in Dubai. This includes a helmet, gloves and goggles, these items help to protect you against injuries and bruises which might happen due to a mishap or an accident. So it’s always helpful to come prepared. 

For more safety tips, check out our ultimate guide to dune buggy. We have outlined various tips and preparation techniques you might find useful. 

  • Drink Water Regularly 

Driving a dune buggy in hot desert conditions is quite physically demanding. This is why you must drink water and keep your body hydrated throughout the tour. Take short breaks during the tour to rest and drink water. Also, use this opportunity to see the beauty of the surroundings and capture it on a camera.


For those who like adventures and thrilling stuff, then surely dune buggy riding is worth trying on your next visit to Dubai. Here is a brief overview of everything to know about riding a buggy in the desert. For more information, queries and discounted deals, please contact Enduro Bike Advanture. Check out our ‘Services Tab’ to find more information on desert sport rides that we offer and their package details.

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