Affordable Buggy Rental Options in Dubai

Affordable Buggy Rental Options in Dubai

For adventure lovers and thrill seekers, the Dubai is an ideal destination because there are tons of exciting activities one can find here. Starting with the most popular dune buggy rental Dubai tours which takes you into the vast deserts areas, where besides exploration and enjoying the scenic beauty one can also engage in a heart-pounding adventure that many of us crave.

These vehicles are designed to be driven on the tough desert surfaces where our normal cars and bikes can’t go. Dubai is surrounded by vast deserts that consist of many scenic and challenging spots that are worth exploring. Tourists and locals can rent dune buggies from tour companies here and enjoy an amazing adventure while exploring these areas. They are easy to drive and more importantly much safer too compared to other desert vehicles.

However, if you are visiting Dubai for the first time, you might have difficulty finding affordable tour options for Desert Buggy tours. To help you with that, here is a brief guide.

6 Tips to Follow When Finding Affordable Buggy Tour Options

Follow these 6 tips if you are low on budget but want to enjoy buggy tours with your family and friends on vacations:

  • Research Some Tour Companies

The first and foremost step to follow is to find top buggy rentals tour provider in Dubai. You can either use internet or ask from locals and fellow travelers who have been on such tours before. When you find the best companies, please remember to read customer reviews before proceeding any further. Never book from a company that has low-rating or too many bad reviews.

You can read reviews on sites like Tripadvisor, Google Reviews and Yelp to ensure the authenticity of the website and their services. Always book from a reliable company that offers the best facilities and never compromises on the safety of the guests.

  • Compare the Prices

Next, compare the prices of different service providers and see if you can find some affordable options. Prices might vary by a little from company to company, so please look thoroughly. In Dubai most companies offer Polaris and Can-Am buggies and the latter are more expensive, remember that. Polaris models are easy to drive and best for beginners and novice riders.

  • Look for Promotions and Deals

Many companies in Dubai offer promotional deals and discounts, see if you can grab of these and save some money. These deals are usually available on Christmas, Eid and other special occasions. Also, if you are a group 5-6 or more, then it is possible to get discounted rates on all the packages. Ask the tour company if they offer such discounts.

6 Tips to Follow When Finding Affordable Buggy Tour Options
  • Book in Advance

Always book dune buggy rental Dubai tours in advance 5–6 days, especially during the peak tourist season in winters. Many companies offer low rates for early bookings, and if you book at the last hour or just a day than rates are sometimes higher due to increase in demand.

  • Plan a Tour in the Off-Season

If possible then plan Dubai tour during off-season which is usually the summers months from May-September. Due to decreased tourist activity, the buggy tour rates quite lower and affordable for everyone.

However, there are risks of exploring the desert in summer due to very hot weather conditions. Remember to follow safety tips and drink water regularly during the tour to keep yourself hydrated and cool. For more safety and preparation tips, read our Ultimate guide on Dune Buggy tours.

  • Check for Any Hidden or Additional Costs

Sometimes, the companies don’t always show the complete price of the buggy package on their website. There are hidden costs as well such as the taxes, service charges, refreshments and pick and drop service. When booking the tour, always ensure from the company that what you are paying is the final cost and are there any extra costs that you need to know.

Top-rated companies don’t have these hidden costs they always show their final price on the website, and it usually includes everything like drinks, accommodations, pick and drop service, etc.


For adventure enthusiasts visiting Dubai, the dune buggy tours are a must-thing to try. Besides offering fun and excitement, these tours are safe and offer a comfortable experience. Compared to other desert tours, these are expensive and therefore not many people can afford them. However, by following the above 6 tips you can find affordable deals and plan a tour with family and friends, enjoy a memorable vacation.

For more information, queries and best packages you can contact Enduro Bike Advanture and talk to our representative.

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Muhammad Bilal Mohsin
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