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Dune Buggy rental Dubai

Dubai is a unique and fascinating land that allows everyone to have their pieces. Here, you will find some impressive architecture and a landscape representing nature. A Dubai wilderness safari in dune buggies is among the exciting experiences you cannot miss while you are there. Dubai attracts travelers each year to experience dune buggy rental Dubai rides, which have become a popular form of entertainment in the country.

Why is Dune Buggy Dubai so famous, and what activities can you engage in on this ride? Let’s find out today.

What Is Dune Buggy Riding In Dubai Must Try?

Here are a few reasons why dune buggy rental in Dubai is a must-try activity for tourists who want a genuine experience of desert safari.

  • Experience the Beauty of The Desert

Enjoy a dune buggy ride in the desert, following the natural trails in the sand. You can explore the desert landscape independently during this unique adventure activity. The instructor will assist you in exploring the expansive desert at your own pace as he leads you through the desert.

  • Suitable for Beginners

Those without experience riding a dune buggy can do this activity very easily. You will review all the dos and don’ts with your instructor before departure, ensuring you are prepared for your adventure. Single-seated and double-seated buggies are available for your preference, making it one of the best ways to explore the desert. Be sure to inform your instructor if you have any health conditions so they can prepare you.

  • It is Safe and Convenient

Furthermore, your guide will provide safety equipment like helmets, goggles, and clear instructions. Winds tend to be strong, so protecting your eyes and ears is always advisable. Be sure to follow the directions provided by your tour guide.

  • Embrace the Culture

Dune buggy rental in Dubai offers additional experiences that allow you to experience the region’s culture. During specific tours, you may have the opportunity to experience traditional Bedouin hospitality, ride camels, watch falconry displays, taste Arabian cuisine, and take part in music and dancing performances.

  • Accessible For Everyone

As no prior experience or specialized skills are required, dune buggy Dubai riding is easily accessible for everyone. Most tours are suitable for beginners, who are instructed to operate the vehicles safely regardless of age. That’s why it is ideal for individuals and families seeking an adventure in the desert.

Dune Buggy rental Dubai

Activities you can do in Your Desert Safari Dubai Tour

During your desert safari, you can indulge in various activities, from the sedate to the adrenaline-pumping. Such as:

  • Dune Buggy Riding

Dune buggy Dubai riding is, of course, one of these deserts’ main attractions. As an open-air 4X4 vehicle, the Dune Buggy is a monstrous and rugged machine that can accommodate up to four passengers and a driver. 

A ride in this vehicle is certainly thrilling, and you will find yourself screaming with joy with your family and friends. Incredibly high dunes can be traversed while dune bashing. You can enjoy the stunning desert vistas from the dune peaks in solitude. Expert drivers operate the Dune Buggy and are well acquainted with the terrain, offering the best adventure ride of your life.

  • A Sandboarding Session

A day in the desert requires nothing more than the sun and sand. Sand dunes offer a perfect playground for some fun in the sun. Sandboarding is similar to snowboarding and involves riding a board down the peaks of dunes. Specially designed sandboards allow speed to be achieved safely and provide a thrilling experience. In the Arabian Desert, the largest dunes provide the only venue for this unique activity.

  • Sunset or Sunrise Views

Dune buggy Dubai tours are typically scheduled at sunset or sunrise when the desert is most picturesque. You will surely capture unforgettable memories as the sun paints the sky vividly while riding across the dunes on sandboards and buggies.

  • Quad Biking

Apart from the dune buggy, quad bikes are the ultimate mean machines that provide thrills and excitement. Dubai’s sandy dunes are a perfect environment for these all-terrain vehicles. A roller coaster ride with peaks to climb and slopes to descend, they provide an adrenaline-inducing experience. 

It is easy to operate the Quad Bikes, and even novice riders can successfully navigate the dunes. A trained instructor will supervise each ride and ensure the safety of all participants. This quad bike is not for the weak-hearted and can be a real adventure experience due to its power and speed.

  • Camel Riding

Traditional camel riding may be available on some dune buggy tours. This magnificent desert creature allows you to experience a conventional Arabian culture while riding across sand trails at a slower pace than a fast pace on a dune buggy and is an entirely different experience.

You can truly feel how traders traveled centuries ago to people living in this region. 

  • BBQ Dinner & Entertainment

Many safari tours include visiting a desert camp to experience traditional Bedouin hospitality. You’ll likely sit down on rugs to eat Arabian food. A delicious barbecue dinner can be enjoyed under a starry desert sky, along with Arabian tea.

Helpful Tips to Enjoy Dune Buggy Safari Tour

Do remember the following tips before going on your desert safari tour:

  • Dress loosely and comfortably, like avoiding wearing flowing fabrics because they may become entangled in the adventure vehicles. Clothing is not restricted in the desert; fully clothed can prevent sunburn.
  • Apply sunscreen and wear a cap and sunglasses for protection from the midday sun.
  • The desert temperature drops in the evenings, so bring a jacket to prevent a chill.
  • Considering that you will be walking around in the sand regularly, it is ideal to wear sandals or floaters. You will need to remove your shoes continuously if you wear shoes in the sand.
    Activities like Dune Bashing, Quad Biking, and Dune Buggy Dubai can be physically challenging. Avoid eating a heavy meal before these activities to avoid motion sickness or an upset stomach.
  • Take note of the instructors who have experience as professionals. Be sure to inform the instructors if you have any medical conditions or previous medical history to avoid mishaps.


Exploring the desert landscape through dune buggy rental Dubai is an exhilarating and unforgettable experience. Whether you are a thrill-seeker or looking to engage yourself in the natural beauty of the Arabian Desert, renting a dune buggy offers a unique opportunity to discover this awe-inspiring environment.

From navigating the towering sand dunes to witnessing breathtaking sunsets, this adventure allows you to connect with nature in a way few other activities can match. So, if you find yourself in Dubai, don’t miss the chance to embark on this thrilling journey and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Muhammad Bilal Mohsin
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