Dune Buggy Rental Dubai: Unleash your skills on Golden Dunes

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Feel like breaking the routine, having some fun, and checking on your driving performance? Only if you want a leisurely off-roading adventure out in the wilds, we suggest you book a dune buggy rental Dubai tour. In this case, you have an opportunity to prove your driving skills when you drive in the challenging and rough desert terrains, to enjoy the time of your life in the process of exploring Dubai’s wild side.

It is not just buildings, hotels, expensive cars, and beaches that one finds in Dubai; it is so much more. Venture out of the city and see what surprises its deserts have to hide. A buggy rental Dubai ride is a great choice for this type of adventure. The following is limited information you require in this expedition.

List of Important Things to Remember for Dune Buggy Ride

Here are a few important things to bear in mind if you are looking forward to going on a dune buggy ride in Dubai.

  • Book the Ride from a Reputable Company

Always book a dune buggy ride from a good and reputed company in Dubai. There are so many companies offering their services, so do thorough research on your own when choosing one. Read online reviews on Google, the company website, or other top-visited tourist sites like TripAdvisor, etc.

Ask for recommendations from your close circle, i.e., friends or family members who have been on buggy tours before. Do not go for too many cheap offers, or those who are just new may not have much experience on how to conduct these tours.

  • Always Prioritize Safety

Remember, personal safety is everything. Doesn’t matter how skilled you are; always follow the safety rules your tour guide asks you. Wear the safety equipment they provide, including a reinforced helmet, a pair of gloves, goggles, and sports clothing. Also, check the quality of the equipment as well and ensure it is not torn out or broken.

Never book a dune buggy tour from a company that doesn’t prioritize safety for its customers. Make sure they maintain their buggies 24/7 in prime condition. You can also inspect on your own as well to be 100% sure.

  • Book ‘Guided Tours’ for a Seamless Experience

If you are visiting Dubai for the first time and are unfamiliar with its desert territory, you must opt for the ‘Guided Tours’ option. Many rental companies offer these tours for newbie riders and first-time visitors. In this package, they teach you how to drive a dune buggy if you have never driven before and provide further helpful guidance on the best scenic spots in the desert that are worth visiting.

Look for those companies that offer ‘Guided Tours’ as part of their service; you can call them for more information if needed. These tours are not only helpful for beginners but also for experts; these guides know the specific locations that are difficult to traverse and are sure to get your heart beating.

  • Always Book Tours in Advance

Due to the overwhelming popularity of desert safari rides in Dubai, you must book your dune buggy tour in advance at least 6-7 days before your preferred date. During the winter season, many people flock here to see the beauty and luxury life it offers, and buggy rental Dubai rides are also enjoyed best during this season.

Booking in advance makes it easy for you to plan ahead of the ride and also avoid last-minute extra charges.

  • Understand What the Package Offers

Before you make the final booking and pay for the tour, always see what the package offers and whether the dune buggy model you have selected meets your preference or not. For families with 4-5 persons, 4-seater models are ideal, so make sure you book those. For solo trips, 1 seater models are better suited. You read here in detail on Choosing the Right Dune buggy Tour for Your Vacations.

Also, confirm if there will be any extra charges to pay after the tour is done or if the whole payment is done in one go. Further, ask if any refreshments and drinks are offered for the ride or not. Good companies like Enduro Bike Advanture always offer refreshments and resting areas in the campsite. 

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What Are Some Tricks to Remember for Dune Buggy Rental Dubai Ride?

Here are a few important skills to master when driving a dune buggy in deserts.

  • Practice Controlled Acceleration

The biggest secret in dune buggy riding is for the rider to accelerate at a controlled pace. Do not make a sudden jerk on the throttle because it can cause the wheels to dig into the sand or end up affecting the stability of the car. Make your speed grow as you drive through the sand, but remember smooth and controlled acceleration is essential for traction and stability.

  • Maintain Momentum on Climbs

As for climbing up steep dunes, it is important not to lose speed. When you are about to climb, it is important that your pace is constant and breaks are done slowly. Momentum will allow you to get through the sand resistance barrier and reach the top without burying.

  • Have the Right Tire Pressure

Tire pressure is very important when it comes to dune riding and can really help the overall experience. Reducing the tire pressure increases the contact patch of tires with sand and thus, enhances traction and floatation. But do not release the pressure too much, as it can lead to tire or rim damage. Check the manual or consult an expert for accurate tire pressure when driving on sand.

  • Use the Correct Driving Method

The dune buggy driving technique is different from that of the regular ones. When driving on sand, hold a tight grip on the wheel while using long sweeping turns instead of quick ones. In the event that you lose control and start to slide, then steer into the slide to restore balance. At the same time, when climbing dunes, manage your speed by utilizing an engine brake and soft braking if needed.


The dune buggy rental Dubai tour offers a memorable off-roading trip that one can embark on to try something different and test out one’s driving skills. Remember the important things we have highlighted above and book ‘Guided Tours’ if it is your first time in Dubai for a comfortable ride.

For advance booking or any more queries related to the dune buggy tour in Dubai, you can always call Enduro Bike Advanture and talk to our representative. Checkout our service pages for more information on the packages we offer.

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