Prepare Yourself for an Epic Off-Road Dune Buggy Dubai Tours

Prepare Yourself for an Epic Off-Road Dune Buggy Dubai Adventure

Dubai has much to offer rather than just the skyscrapers beaches and luxury hotels. Even though the city is filled with these establishments one might become bored of them after some time. People may go somewhere else for a while and enjoy a change of scenery.

Well, lucky for you, vast and beautiful deserts surround Dubai, and if you are one of those individuals looking to escape the bustling city life, come try the all-new, exciting, and thrilling Dune Buggy Dubai tours. The tours allow you to experience the city from a different perspective and also relax your mind in the peaceful desert settings.

So don’t wait any further and prepare for an exciting and heart-pounding adventure of off-road buggy tours in Dubai. Come along with your friends and enjoy memorable moments exploring the vast red dunes that offer nothing less than magical views. Here are a few things that you need to know about it.

Preparation Tips For Your Dune Buggy Dubai Adventure

Here are some preparation tips to make your dune buggy tour memorable and enjoyable.

  • Dune Buggy Selection

In Dubai, dune buggies come in many different types. It will be up to you and your group to choose the most suitable. Although the 1 and 2-seater buggies are most suitable for solo rides 4-seater models are best for families and groups of 5-6 persons. However, people do like to rent separately explore on their own, and try some fun racing challenges with each other.

  • Decide on a Desert Route

There are many desert routes and locations you can visit in Dubai. Depending on your level of expertise, choose the appropriate course. Your tour guide can help with the route selection, or you can do some research on the internet on your own and come prepared by choosing the next adventure spot for your dune buggy tour.

For beginners, the Al-Qadra and Al-Awir deserts are the most popular places, while the expert riders go to the Al-Badayer desert, which has steep dunes and challenging paths that test your driving skills.

  • Bring Snacks and Beverages

For your desert adventure, you should bring a few snacks and drinks. Staying hydrated is important when travelling in the desert, as it can get very hot here in Dubai. Bring a water bottle on the ride or ask the tour operator to provide one.

Preparation Tips For Your Dune Buggy Dubai Adventure
  • Choose Comfortable Clothing

Dress comfortably in clothes that you will not mind getting dirty. The amount of driving here will likely result in sweat and dust. The best way to prevent sand from getting in the shoes is to wear closed-toe shoes. Men can wear loose-fitted shirts with shorts, and women can wear long skirts but avoid heels.

  • Make Sure You Bring a Camera to Capture The Moment

Several photo opportunities will arise during the dune buggy tour, so ensure the camera or phone is charged before leaving. As the ride progresses, there will be opportunities to pause and enjoy the scenery before posing for photographs.

Some individuals prefer to film their dune buggy ride in Dubai with GoPro cameras. If you intend to attach anything to the vehicle, consult with the guide before bringing any such equipment. Please ensure that accessories do not obstruct the buggies in any way because your safety is the top priority.

  • Protect The Skin From the Sun

Dubai’s deserts are extremely hot we may have mentioned this before. When we use the term hot, we mean scorching hot. Therefore it’s important to protect the skin. Unless you take precautions, there may be a risk of sunburn or even sunstroke.

To prepare for a buggy ride bring sunscreen and reapply it several times throughout the day. Wearing sunscreen will make the day more enjoyable regardless of what works.

Also, sunglasses are highly recommended. Safety equipment generally includes a helmet as well. Also, consider bringing a hat for your time on the dune buggies. Some individuals prefer wearing fully covered clothes if they like it.,

  • Drive the Buggy at a Safe Speed

When operating a dune buggy, you should be aware of your speed. While it may be exciting to experience high-speed lifts, it may cause severe incidents, so it should be avoided. Dune buggies can roll over if they are attempted to take turns at a rapid pace. Even better, always maintain a high level of awareness while riding.

  • Obey the Local Laws and Regulations

Lastly, always adhere to local laws and regulations governing off-road activities. Respect the environment and avoid damaging the fragile desert ecosystem. Drive within designated areas and avoid protected zones so you don’t break laws or face fines.


Dubai offers an unforgettable off-road experience with a dune buggy ride that will take your excitement to a whole new level. So follow the tips we have highlighted above and start preparing right away. 

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