Expert Tips for a Successful Quad Biking Dubai Tour

Expert Tips for a Successful Quad Biking Dubai Tour

As we all know, Dubai is a popular destination for adventure activities, and tourists from everywhere come to try them. Among so many choices, Quad biking Dubai is often the top choice. These ATV bikes are designed with special off-road tyres and powerful engines that make them suitable for driving on sandy terrain, steep dunes, and other challenging desert paths.

If you are an adventure lover and looking forward to trying this exciting ATV Quad Bike activity on your next visit to Dubai, here are 5 expert tips to remember and follow. Let’s get started.

5 Expert Tips to Follow on a Quad Biking Dubai Tour

By following these tips you’ll surely have a fun and exciting tour:

  • Understand Quad Bike Control and Mechanisms

If you have never driven a quad bike before then take the time to familiarise yourself with its control and how to drive it. You can watch videos online or read forums and understand what challenges new bikers face and how to overcome them.

Still, if you have some doubts, then there are expert guides available in the desert who can teach you the basics and explain how to drive in the desert. Pay attention to their instructions.

  • Wear Safety Gear

Desert adventure tours like quad biking are very risky and pose a danger if you are not careful or take safety measures. ATVs are open-air vehicles, and if someone falls from them, they may seriously injure themselves. That’s why it’s important to wear the safety equipment provided by the tour company.

When renting an ATV Quad Bike Tour, always check that the tour company provides the necessary protective gear and follows standard rules to ensure the well-being of the customers.

  • Check your Quad Bike for Any Defects

Check your quad bike before each ride to make sure that it is in great shape and has no problems. Thus, you should take it for a test drive to see if all the parts, like brakes, lights, and lights, are working properly.

See if you can hear any sounds or sputtering from the engine while you are on the test drive. Tell your tour operator about such problems and ask that the vehicle be substituted.

5 Expert Tips to Follow on a Quad Biking Dubai Tour
  • Know Weather Conditions

The majority of the days in Dubai are hot, but it is better to ride quad bikes during the winter than in the summer. Summer is a good time to ride ATV quad bikes around the evening when temperatures are low, and you can enjoy beautiful sunset views, but if you would like to avoid the extreme heat, plan a visit for winter.

If you plan to go in winter, remember it is peak season, so booking your tour at least 5-6 days is best to avoid inconveniences and paying late-minute charges.

  • Get to Know Your Travel Companions

Quad biking is a highly personal experience that depends heavily on your riding companions. For instance, be comfortable with the other riders when riding in a group. That’s why planning such a tour with your friends or colleagues you know personally and who share the same passion for adventure as you is important.

Also, we would recommend that you don’t bring any elderly people on quad biking adventures because it’s not suitable for them.

Additional Points to Remember for the Quad Biking Tour

  • You must sign an indemnity form before you begin your quad biking adventure. By signing this form, you release your vendor from responsibility for any personal injury or damage. As a result, you should take care when riding the quad bikes.
  • Children under the age of 3 are not permitted to ride with their parents in the desert for safety reasons. It is possible to carry older children on the laps of their parents, however.
  • Quad biking is an outdoor activity, so wear sunglasses, hats, and sunscreens to protect your skin.
  • Only individuals over the age of 17 are allowed to ride quad bikes alone.


Quad biking is an exciting and fun activity to engage in on your visit to Dubai. The trip would be a great choice for those seeking a combination of outdoor adventure, scenic natural beauty, and cultural exploration. Quad biking offers a unique perspective of Dubai that extends beyond its towering buildings.

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Muhammad Bilal Mohsin
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