Conquer the Dubai Dunes: Ultimate Motorcycle Rental Dubai Guide

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For those interested in trying something daring and exciting, why don’t you try a motorcycle rental Dubai adventure and explore UAE’s vast and beautiful deserts? It is one of the most challenging things one can do when combined with other factors like heat, wild animals, remote location, and, most importantly, a tough terrain. 

As a tourist, you can easily book a motorcycle for rent in Dubai from local tour operators to drive in desert. The charges will vary depending on the model and duration you book. At Enduro Bike Advanture, we offer KTM 450cc and Husqvarna 450cc at affordable rates. Call us now to book your bike and have an awesome time conquering desert terrain. 

Booking a motorcycle is not an issue, but driving it is a challenge since it is not easy to handle in the tough and challenging desert terrain. To help you prepare for your motorcycle rental Dubai ride, we have prepared this beginner guide outlining everything you must know about dirt bikes, their driving techniques, and safety precautions to follow. So let’s get started.

What are Desert Motorcycles?

Desert Motorcycles or commonly known as ‘Dirt Bikes,’ are used for navigating rugged terrains such, as mountains, deserts, and rocky areas. They are specifically designed for off road adventures. Cannot be easily maneuvered on highways, streets, or regular roads due to the characteristics that make them less suitable for crowded environments. Instead, dirt bikes excel in areas where they can showcase their capabilities.

Today, many tour operators offer Bike Service Dubai adventures, and you can easily book a motorcycle from them for your vacation and drive around the desert.

Basics of Driving Desert Motorcycles

Driving a motorcycle in tough terrain like a desert is not an easy task. One must be a professional when riding it here. In Dubai, tour operators do provide beginner lessons for Desert Motorcycle Rides, but we recommend that as a newbie, you only drive the bike on an easy route on the first trip. After you have mastered its control, you can take on a challenging path. Here are a few basics to know about dirt bikes for new riders:

  • Clutch

An adjustable lever can be found on the left side of the handlebar.  It is the clutch lever.  When the clutch is engaged or disengaged, the engine will either deliver power to the rear tires or take it away.  

If you are gripping the left handlebar grip, you should be able to access this control with your fingers easily.  Eventually, you will learn to leave a finger or two on the clutch, but for now, ensure that the lever is within your hand’s reach.

  • Throttle

Find out whether the bike is a 4-stroke or a 2-stroke before you begin playing with the throttle. Usually, in Dubai, you will rent a 4-stroke bike, so we will explain about 4-stroke only. 

A four-stroke motor might have an accelerator pump carburetor so that if you twist the throttle while the engine is off, gas will still flood the cylinder. You must become familiar with the throttle control after the bike is started.  

Right at the bottom of the handlebar, the grip twists. As you rotate the grip toward you (i.e., up and down), the RPMs will increase.  It is similar to the gas pedal on a motor vehicle.  By twisting it, more gas is delivered, which results in a higher RPM and faster acceleration.  The throttle control is one of the most important aspects of riding a dirt bike, so you must become familiar with it.

When you release your grip on the throttle, the throttle will return to idle automatically.

  • Front Brake

Another lever can be found in front of the grip on the right side of the handlebars.  By pressing this lever, the front brake will be activated. 

It is not recommended to rely too heavily on the front brake when starting out.  Even though it is a powerful brake, you may find that it is not a great choice if you are just learning since grabbing too much front brake may cause the front end to tuck, which can result in a fall.  This is particularly true during a turn.

When you are holding the throttle grip, make sure that you can easily reach the front brake.  The ideal position for riding around is with your pointer and middle finger resting on the brake lever so that, if necessary, you can grab it.  However, for now, ensure that you are able to reach it.

  • Kill Switch

Most commonly, this button is located on the clutch side of the handlebars and will turn off the motor.  It is usually red in color. Once you have finished riding, you should locate the switch and remember where it is so that you may turn off your dirt bike.

  • Shift Lever

In front of the foot pegs, down by your left foot, you will find a shift lever.  In this way, you can change gears and find neutral. 

  • Rear Brake Pedal

The rear brake pedal is located on the right side of your foot. By pressing your toe on it, you are able to stop the bike in the same manner as a car brake. For a first-time rider, the rear brake should be preferred over the front brake, as the rear brake is a more stable way to control the bike’s speed.

With time, you will be able to determine which technique suits you best, but quick stopping almost always involves some use of the rear brake.  At the beginning of your training, you may find that you are primarily using the rear brake, but as you gain experience, you may find that you are using the front brake more frequently.

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Helpful Tips to Master Motorcycles for Off-road Adventure

To help you get started with motorcycles, here are a few tips to apply for becoming a professional. 

  1. Standing while riding is a good practice. Generally, beginners feel more comfortable riding dirt bikes seated, but standing in a neutral, upright position will help you improve your riding skills. This position involves putting your body weight centrally on the bike, tilting your head up, bending your knees, raising your elbows, and firmly grasping the bike with your knees.
    You should be able to see the number plate while riding if your head is level with the handlebars. This central position allows the bike to pivot beneath your body, enabling better control and preventing injuries in the event of unforeseen situations. 

  2. Positioning of the feet. You can control the bike’s shifter and rear brake better if you ride on the balls of your feet. Furthermore, it is the widest part of the foot, making it more capable of bearing weight for longer periods, something that is crucial if you plan to run off-road.

  3. Turning Around the Corners. Driving a motorcycles around tight corners also requires special skills and techniques. Obviously, we will use handlebars to turn the bike, but rather than turning them, you must press them and use your body weight to maintain balance on the bike when going through a sharp turn rather than direct steering. 
    You need more strength in your legs and body weight when riding a dirt bike than you do in your arms.

  4. Using Brakes. It is also crucial to know how to brake properly on a dirt bike. It is not necessary to stomp on the brakes or grab the levers. The brakes on today’s bikes are very sensitive to touch, so it is important to learn how to apply them equally. When the front brake is applied too strongly, the bike will tip rear over front (endo), and if the rear brake is applied too strongly, the rear tire will slide and wash out. 
    To make shifting and braking easy and seamless, start using three (or fewer) fingers to control the brake and throttle levers. Eventually, you will be able to control your speed using the clutch and the brakes, but in the beginning, strive to achieve an even and steady brake pressure.

  5. Keep Your Head up. To become a faster, better, and safer rider, it is important to learn how to look ahead. In spite of its simplicity, keeping your head up can be one of the most difficult skills to learn for beginners. The more forward you look, the more time you will have to react to dangerous or difficult conditions. 
    When you look ahead, you can see other riders passing by or even desert animals, so you can drive safely past them without injuring anyone.  A good way to improve safety and increase speed is to keep your head up. Train yourself to look ahead and maintain control of the bike simultaneously. 
    Well, until now, you have got a very good idea of what desert motorcycles/dirt bikes are and their characteristics, along with helpful tips to master them. If you still need more guidance at Enduro Bike Advanture, we provide comprehensive beginner classes to help you prepare for your dirt bike rental tour. Call us today to book your tour, learn a new skill, and have a memorable time traversing the beautiful desert terrain on a thrilling ride. 

Safety Tips to Remember for Your Motorcycle Rental Dubai Ride

Here are some important safety tips to remember when going on a motorcycle tour in Dubai. 

Besides good driving skills, you must come prepared as well.   

  1. Wear Safety Equipment: Wear the safety equipment provided by the tour operator, which includes a helmet, goggles, and sports uniform. Never compromise on safety, and this is the most important tip, which is why we are mentioning it first.


  2. Drink Plenty of Water: Remember to drink plenty of water on your dirt biking rental tour. Desert temperatures can cause excess sweating, especially during daytime, so you must keep drinking water at regular intervals. Bring a water bottle along and refill it as you progress.

  3. Bring Small Snacks on the Tour: The dirt biking tour is physically demanding and drains your body’s energy. Bring small snacks like nuts, granola bars, or energy drinks to keep your energy levels high so you don’t feel exhausted too soon. 

  4. Choose an Easy Route: For first-time riders, we recommend choosing an easy route with fewer bumps and turns so you can easily drive a bike and learn its controls. Avoid driving into a challenging path on your first trip. Further, your tour guide will help you choose the ideal route, so listen to his instructions. 

  5. Take Precautions Against the Sun: Use a sunblock with a high SPF factor to protect your skin against harmful sun rays. You don’t want to ruin your whole trip by treating burned skin. Also, wear sunglasses and a cap to reduce exposure to sun rays. 

  6. Don’t Injure or Harm Any Wildlife: While driving a dirt bike in the desert, you are likely to encounter some rare wildlife species; please ensure that you don’t injure or harm any of them. Slow down your bike when you see an animal coming near and go around them. Killing any rare wildlife may get you in legal trouble, so it’s best to avoid it.


Dirt biking in Dubai is among the most exciting and thrilling adventures you can do on a vacation. We hope this little guide helps you understand what dirt biking is all about, along with the basic mechanics of dirt bikes. 

If you are thinking of booking a Bike Ride in Dubai, contact us at Enduro Bike Advanture. We offer various dirt bike models that suit your skill levels, and even children can enjoy riding them. We maintain our fleet of bikes in top-class condition, and you are more than welcome to inspect them if you want to. 

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