What Are Some Interesting Facts About Quad Bike Safari Dubai?

What Are Some Interesting Facts About Quad Bike Safari in Dubai?

Dubai deserts provide the ideal settings for trying adventure and exciting sporting activities like Quad Bike Safari Dubai. Many visitors coming to the city for vacations and scenic exploration definitely try with their group of friends and family.

A desert safari allows you to experience a completely different side of Dubai, one that is peaceful and calm and has little to no crowds. You will have a vast desert where you can witness beautiful scenic spots, enjoy sunset views, try heart-pumping adventures, and learn about local culture and traditions. So prepare for a lifetime experience on this quad bike safari off road tour. 

Here are some interesting facts you should know to learn more about this awesome journey. Let’s get started.

What is Quad Biking?

ATVs, usually called quad bikes, are off-road vehicles that can be ridden almost everywhere. The low-pressure tires and the adjustable handlebars allow this vehicle to pass over different surfaces. A typical quad bike tour lasts 30 minutes to several hours, depending on the package you choose, and involves riding over varied terrain with different speeds.

Renting quad bikes in Dubai from local tour operators is a simple process at affordable prices. You have to search independently to find the model that suits you and corresponds to your skill level.

3 Interesting Facts About Quad Biking Dubai You Need to Know

Here are 3 interesting facts you need to know about quad bike tours in Dubai:

  • Thrilling and Exciting Experience Unlike Anything Else

Quad biking in desert areas provides a thrilling and adrenaline-pumping experience as you drive at high speeds of up to 100 kph and traverse the bumpy and challenging surfaces easily. You can climb on top of the dunes to get the beautiful panoramic views of the desert.

  • Guided Expertise

All the quad bike safari tours in Dubai are done under guided experts who can assist you in driving, teach you about safety procedures, and guide you on desert terrain. That way, you don’t have to worry too much about getting lost or injured.

  • Learn Cultural Insights of the Region

Besides adventure, quad bike safaris usually allow one to learn about Arab culture and its heritage. Guides can talk about the traditional way of life in the desert; thus, they offer a better understanding of the history and customs of the area. During your quad bike tour, you will be treated like a royal guest; at the desert campsite, you can enjoy refreshments, relax, and experience what it’s like to live like a Bedouin.

Explore Dubai With Quad Bike Safari

Explore Dubai With Quad Bike Safari

Quad bikes are fast-paced vehicles with powerful engines and light chassis, which makes them ideal for exploring Dubai’s vast, beautiful desert in an exciting way. You can see the beautiful rolling dunes stretching for miles, desert wildlife, and other scenic spots.

Some of the best places in the Dubai desert worth exploring include ‘Al Qadra Lake’, ‘Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve,’ and ‘Fossil Rock.’ Although there are plenty more, your tour guide can assist you in this regard if needed.

Tips for a Fun and Secure Quad Bike Dubai

Do remember to follow these safety tips for a secure quad-biking adventure in Dubai:

  • Remember to wear the safety gear provided by the tour company before hopping on the quad bike. The equipment usually includes a helmet, a pair of gloves, and goggles. Do check that the equipment fits you properly. 


  • Follow the Safety Guidance for Quad bike rides given by your tour operator prior to the tour, where they will explain how to drive a quad bike in tough desert conditions and what driving techniques to follow. If you are a newbie, then pay special attention here.


  • Drink water on your ride to keep your body well-hydrated because desert rides are exhausting, especially since the temperatures here are unbearably hot. Bring water along the ride and drink it regularly.


  • Drive carefully and watch ahead to see if there are any obstacles or rocks on the path that may result in an accident. If you see any such things, slow down the quad bike and drive carefully around them.

Capture the Moment of the Quad Bike Safari Tour

Quad bike tours are heaven for professional photographers because there are many beautiful scenery and spots worth capturing on a camera. So remember to bring your camera equipment along. A DSLP camera captures the best views with HD quality, but if you don’t have one, you can always use your smartphone camera.

The popular things worth photographing here include sunset/sunrise views, desert wildlife, camels, Bedouin camps, and more importantly the memorable moments you will create here.


Desert quad bike rides allow you to travel and explore a completely different side of Dubai where you can witness the beautiful natural landscape and have a chance to relax in peaceful desert settings. So, if you are visiting here for vacation, remember to visit the deserts and learn more about the traditional life of locals.

If you have any more queries or are looking for the best packages and deals for quad bike rides, call Enduro Bike Advanture.

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