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Desert Dune Buggy Dubai

Many people are not aware that Dubai has a lot more to offer than just tall buildings, beaches, and luxury hotels. In fact, there is a whole large desert that you can explore where you can learn more about the region’s history and discover some beautiful spots.

Dune buggy Dubai rides offer the safest and most exciting ways to explore these deserts. These are special vehicles designed to be driven on the toughest and bumpy desert terrain with ease. Besides exploration, you’ll also get to try some adrenaline-rush experiences when you drive at high speeds on challenging surfaces. Let’s read in detail about what this adventure involves

What Makes Dune Buggy Dubai Rides So Exciting?

Here are a couple of reasons why dune buggy rental Dubai rides offer an exciting experience:

  • Explore Beautiful Desert Spots

By going on dune buggy rides you get to Explore the Arabian Desert in a Unique Way and discover hidden spots of the desert which are inaccessible otherwise. You can check the scenic beauty, enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the desert landscape, discover the flora and fauna of the area, and, most importantly, relax in the peaceful and serene desert environment while enjoying all this.

Your tour guide can better tell you about the best spots that are worth checking out on your trip. Remember to pack your DSLR camera along to capture these spots.

  • Enjoy Quality Time With Your Family

Dune buggies are the only desert vehicles that come with 4-seater models that can easily accommodate 5-6 persons, hence your whole family/group. You can even take your children on off-road trips and they can enjoy quality time while exploring the deserts. Besides it also gives you a chance to create some memorable moments with them while exploring. 

Desert Dune Buggy Dubai
  • Suitable for All Skill Levels

The best thing about dune buggies is that they can cater to all skill levels. Any can drive dune buggies if they have a bare minimum knowledge about driving regular cars. If you have never driven one before, you can always book ‘Guided Tours’ and learn their driving techniques from an expert who can teach you its controls, and you can handle it on rough desert surfaces.

Do remember if you are driving for the first time, you must drive on plain surfaces rather than a bumpy or difficult one and keep your pace slow.

  • Engage in High-Speed Thrills

If you are an adventure lover, you will surely love the dune buggy off-roading tour in Dubai.

Dune buggies’ higher-end models can easily reach 130-140 kph, and when you drive at such speeds on challenging and tough desert surfaces, it will surely pump you full of adrenaline that you will remember for a long time.

  • Enjoy Cultural Experience

Dune buggy  Dubai tour also give you an opportunity to experience traditional Emirati hospitality, such as enjoying refreshments at a Bedouin-style camp or participating in cultural activities like camel riding or falconry demonstrations.

You can book a complete ‘Desert Safari’ if cultural experience is your goal. Where besides adventure activities you can witness traditional dance performances and eat popular local dishes in a buffet. Do check our ‘Services Tab’ for detailed information on Dubai Desert Safari packages.

A Few Things to Remember for Your Dune Buggy Dubai Tour

Dubai desert dune buggy adventure is probably the best way to see the desert sceneries and also to have some fun all at once. Here are a few things you should know before you hit the trail, however, to make sure you have the greatest experience you could have.

  1. First, make sure you get properly dressed for the desert environment. This means to keep it simple and not go over the top with the clothes that will warm you up in the sun. Sunscreen is definitely something that you need to pack, and so is a scarf or hat to cover your head and face.

  2. The second tip is to expect the bumps along the way, as with any off-roading trip. A dune buggy ride can be somewhat bumpy, so it is advised to take medication before the trip if you have a history of stomach upset in moving vehicles.

  3. Lastly, make sure you have enough water to drink. The desert can be very dehydrating thus you are advised to drink a lot of water during your off-road trip.


Dune buggy tours and similar desert activities like Bike Ride in Dubai are quite popular in UAE and are often ranked among the top 5 adventure activities you can do here. So be sure to try it on your vacations. Call Enduro Bike Advanture for more information or any guidance you seek.

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