The Rising Trend OF Motorcycle Rides in Dubai Desert

Motorcycle rental Dubai Desert

Anyone who has been to Dubai knows that it is heaven for thrill seekers, and millions of tourists come here every year to engage in the thrilling and exciting activities it offers. Moreover, the city continues to offer more such activities that appeal to the preferences of tourists. One such famous desert adventure that has become quite popular recently is known as the Motorcycle Rental Dubai ride.

Those who love adventure and are interested in exploring the vast and beautiful Arabain deserts should definitely try dirt bike rental rides. It has been a top tourist attraction for quite some time, and today, we will discuss the rising trend of such activities and the benefits it offers to people who seek unique experiences. Let’s get started.

Why Are Motorcycle Rental Dubai Rides So Popular?

One might wonder why we need motorcycles or dirt bikes in Dubai when there are so many other options available. Well, here are a couple of reasons why:

  • Dubai Deserts Are Ideal for Dirt Bikes

Dirt bikes are different from regular bikes we drive on roads and streets. They are specially designed to be driven on rough and difficult terrain like deserts, beaches, or hills. Dirt bikes have powerful engines, light chassis, and knobby tires to tackle such rough terrain. Dubai desert has lots of bumps, twists, and turns, providing the perfect ground to drive these vehicles for exploration and try some motocross adventure.

  • Dirt Bikes are Easy to Learn and Drive

Dirt bikes are quite easy to learn and handle. If you know how to drive a regular motorbike, then this shouldn’t be a problem at all. It has the same controls and mechanisms. If you are trying for the first time, you can book ‘Guided Tours’, where a local expert will teach you all about driving dirt bikes in the desert along with a few techniques and tips on how to tackle difficult situations if any arise.

  • Provides a Much-Needed Escape From Crowded City

A safari motorcycle rental Dubai tour or similar off-roading activities offer a much-needed escape from the city’s hectic and crowded environment. One can explore the vast and beautiful deserts, offer a perfect retreat, and allow the rider to try something unique and exciting that is hard to find in the city.

You can climb on top of tall dunes to see sunsets, engage in some high-speed rides with friends, or relax somewhere remote in a peaceful desert environment and forget all your worries.

Motorcycle rental Dubai Desert Tour
  • Flexible Tour Options

There are tons of packages and deals you can get for motorbikes in Dubai at competitive prices because of the rise in popularity. You can book dirt bikes for 1,2,3, and 4 hours, and you also have the option to choose between various models that suit your skill levels. Although, most companies in Dubai offer Husqvarna 450cc and KTM 450cc for desert rides.

  • Safe and Secure Rides

One more reason for the popularity of desert bike rides is they are all conducted under strict safety protocols, and all the rental operators in Dubai are required by law to take all the necessary safety precautions for their guests.

You will be given a top-quality safety kit that includes a reinforced helmet that can withstand high-speed crashes, a pair of gloves, and goggles. You can inspect the kit and ensure it fits you properly and is not causing too much discomfort.

  • Combine it WIth Other Desert Activities

There is so much more you can do in the desert besides exploring Arabian dunes on dirt bikes. For instance, you can try other popular adventures like quad biking, dune bashing, and much more. You can now combine them all in a complete Desert safari tour that allows you to explore deserts on different rides plus offers a rich Emirati cultural experience as well. Desert safaris have also become very popular for this same reason. Do try it once with your family on vacations.

Few Safety Tips for a Smooth Dirt Biking Experience

The growth of motorcycle rentals in Dubai is happening at a fast pace, and safety has become the number one priority. Here are a few tips to remember:

  • Choose a Reliable Rental Service: Make sure the Motorcycle Rental Dubai service that you choose keeps its bikes well-maintained and provides them in good working condition.
  • Know the Rules: Remember to drive your dirt bikes on a designated path and follow the safe speed limit that your tour guide asks you to
  • Stay Hydrated: The desert climate is unforgiving. Ensure that you drink enough water, especially during the summer.


Motorcycle rental Dubai rides offer the perfect way to explore the vast and beautiful Arabian deserts in a thrilling and exceptional way. Doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or not. Everyone can try them with just a little guidance.

If you are looking for the best packages and deals for Dubai motorbike rides, be sure to check out the service page or call us at Enduro Bike Advanture.

Muhammad Bilal Mohsin

Muhammad Bilal Mohsin

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Muhammad Bilal Mohsin
Muhammad Bilal Mohsin

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