Polaris RZR Turbo: Most Powerful Buggy For Off-Road Excursions

Polaris RZR Turbo Buggy rental Dubai

Dubai’s vast and beautiful deserts offer the perfect ground for adventure lovers to go and try exciting off-road activities that the city has to offer. Among these activities, the dune buggy rental Dubai is the most popular choice for everyone, whether it’s tourists or locals.

Among the various dune buggy packages offered here, the Polaris RZR Buggy is the option you choose if you want an adventurous and heart-pounding journey. Here is everything you need to know about this beast and why it’s ideal for desert excursions. 

Why is Polaris RZR Turbo Best for Buggy Rental Dubai Rides?

The Polaris Dune Buggy is one of the most common vehicles used for off-roading trips among thrill seekers, and it is designed to be so. This vehicle is not just a mere off-road car; it shows superior design, advanced engineering, and unmatched performance.

Because of its superior suspension system, the Polaris Buggy is perfectly designed to navigate through Dubai’s sprawling deserts that are characterized by diverse terrains. Its engines are powerful enough to make it fly over the toughest dunes without much of a fuss, while its tires have been designed specifically in such a manner that they stick tightly on sand-shifting surfaces.

It offers an experience that is unlike any other. In terms of the adrenaline rush, there is nothing that can compare to racing across large sand dunes and feeling the force of desert winds while maneuvering through a dynamic terrain. Ascent and descent symbolize the strength of a person; each turn or twist brings with it an achievement.

It is not only about excitement. Safety is also important to Polaris Buggy. The sturdy construction and the advanced features provide a safe haven for adventurers to let their wild side loose. Polaris Buggy is a reliable friend in the desert of Dubai, providing both thrills and safety.

Polaris RZR turbo buggy

Packages and Deals Offered For Polaris RZR Buggy in Dubai

There are many offers and packages available for Polariz buggies in Dubai. With the rise in the popularity of off-roading tours in the city, a number of companies are providing these vehicles at competitive prices to their customers. Get the most out of your desert experience by renting these buggy models.

  • Engine Types

The Polaris buggy models available in Dubai begin with the engine type that is provided along. For example, there are the Polaris RZR 1000cc RS1, the Polaris RZR 1000cc and lastly, the Polaris Turbo buggy.

The first two models are more appropriate for beginners and novice drivers due to the low-power engine, as well as their simplicity of driving. The Polaris Turbo Buggy has a more powerful engine, which allows it to reach higher speeds and is therefore suitable for adventurous adventures; only seasoned experts can handle them.

  • Seating Capacities

Polaris buggies come in 1,2, and 4-seater capacities from which customers can choose according to their requirements. 1 seater is ideal for solo rides, whereas 2 is suitable for couples or 2 friends who have come to the desert on the weekend for a relaxing tour. 4-seater is for families and groups of 4-5 persons, and even kids can ride them as well, but remember to strap them with seat belts for precautions. 

Obviously, as you increase seating capacities, the prices also increase. At Enduro Bike Adventure for 1 hour, the 1-seater buggy starts at 799 AED, 2-seater at 899 AED, and 4-seater at 999 AED.

  • Duration of the Tour

The next thing to remember when choosing a Polaris RZR for your buggy ride Dubai trip is the tour duration you want. Most companies offer 1,2 and 4-hour packages for the respective models. 1-hour starts at 899 AED, 2 hours at 1299 AED, and 4 hours at 2199 AED, these rates are just for 1-seater buggy. For more details and packaging information, check our ‘Buggy Tour’ service page of Enduro Bike Advanture.

Important Tips to Remember for Polaris RZR Buggy Ride

Here are some important tips to keep in mind for your buggy rental Dubai adventure on Polaris RZR Buggy:

  • Listen to The Safety Briefing

Pay attention to the safety briefing your tour guides give you before the adventure starts and adhere to it strictly. They will usually ask you to follow the marked route in the desert, drive at the safe speed limit, and wear the safety equipment they provide.

If you have any questions in mind, ask them at this point to clear up the confusion.

  • Take Regular Breaks During the Ride

Dune buggy rides in the desert are physically exhausting and make you thirsty and hungry quickly. That’s why you must take regular breaks during the ride to drink water and eat small snacks to energize your body. Although you can enjoy refreshments later on at the campsite but still its important to remain active.

  • Wear Comfortable Clothing

Comfort is very important when it comes to enjoying the dune buggy rides. The seats in dune buggies are quite comfortable, but you must also dress accordingly as well. Wear light clothes that fully cover your body. Bring a hat and sunglasses too.


The Polaris RZR Turbo buggy is ideal for adventure and off-roading trips you want to go on in Dubai. Among the various packages offered, choose the one that suits your needs and skill level. Go for ‘Guided Tours’ if it’s your first time riding the buggy

Call Enduro Bike Advanture today for the best deals and packages for Polaris Turbo RZR Buggies.

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