Gearing Up for Glory: Essential Tips for Your Dubai Desert Bike Ride

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Surely, riding a dirt bike across the large dunes in Dubai is an amazing experience. There is no doubt about that. Although sand looks soft, it is worth noting that you will not feel soft when you fall suddenly at high speeds on a Desert Bike Ride Dubai. Prior to riding the dunes, all the riders must have proper safety gear and comfort gear.

You can have severe injuries or even die if you do not have the correct protective gear on. It is imperative to always put on protective gear to avoid an accident while riding in the dunes. Remember the following advice to have a great, comfortable, and safe dune shredding dirt biking.

7 Safety Tips to Remember for Your Dubai Desert Bike Ride

Do adhere to the following safety tips when planning for an off-road excursion on a dirt bike in Dubai.

  • Wearing a Helmet

Bike Ride in Dubai desert requires the use of a full-face helmet. Even though the sand appears soft, it can severely injure you if you strike it at high speeds. Moreover, your head may suffer catastrophic injury if you fall from the bike and hit the ground.

A helmet provides the necessary cushioning for the head in an accident. Several excellently ventilated dirt bike helmets are designed to keep riders cool while riding.

  • Wearing Goggles

Having a pair of sand goggles is also essential for driving a dirt bike in the desert. They protect your eyes from flying sand, that can be very irritating for you. Wearing goggles specifically designed for sand, with closed-cell foam to protect your eyes, is the best way to prevent getting sand in your eyes. These goggles protect your eyes from sand and enable you to see better.

Like other sunglasses, sand goggles have a tinted lens to protect your eyes during sunny and cloudy conditions.

  • Wear a Shirt for Riding

Riding a dirt bike in a tank top may be tempting when the temperature is in the triple digits; however, this is dangerous. An accident could result in the sand scraping your skin and causing significant injury.

When you wear a long-sleeved cycling jersey, you can keep yourself protected from the sun. While providing the necessary protection, vented jerseys allow you to remain more relaxed than thicker ones. It is okay to wear a short-sleeved shirt when riding an SXS/UTV, but remember to wear sunscreen.

Desert Bike Ride Dubai
  • Wear a Pair of Boots

Appropriate footwear is essential for a fun and comfortable desert bike ride in Dubai. A pair of flip-flops will not be ideal when freeing a unit buried in the sand. You constantly switch between the brake pedal and the throttle pedal, which is another reason why driving in flip-flops is not a good idea. It is recommended to wear boots with a shaft that extends above the ankle. The shoe’s sole protects the ankle and gives the wearer an excellent grip.

  • Bring a Water Bottle and Small Snacks for the Trip

Dirt bike riding through the tough desert terrain is very physically exhausting and makes you thirsty and hungry along the way. That’s why it’s important you bring a water bottle and a few small snacks along the tour to energize your body. Take regular breaks during the tour to eat these refreshments if you feel exhausted.

Mostly, new riders will feel the need to drink water and rest continuously once they build up their stamina; the next time, they won’t feel too much urge to drink, but nevertheless it’s important to drink water on such trips, even a little to keep your body hydrated.

  • Stay on Designated Paths

When exploring Enduro Bike Dubai trails in a desert landscape, remember to always follow the designated route on your dirt biking excursion in Dubai, and don’t wander off into unknown areas. The designated path is marked by signs as well, so you have no difficulty.

If you are still confused about your desert route, do remember to ask your tour guide for directions and even get a map from them if possible so you don’t get and return to your starting point easily.

  • Drive at a Safe Speed

Never attempt something challenging and daring on your own if you are not an expert in driving a dirt bike in the desert. Always remember to drive at a safe speed limit that your tour guide asks you to, and don’t attempt to do any stunts if on your own. If you have booked guided tours, then with the help of the guide, you can attempt such things but never do them alone.


Dirt bike rides in the Dubai desert are full of enjoyment and excitement, and those of us who are adventure lovers will certainly come back for more as well. Remember to follow the safety tips we have highlighted above before embarking on your trip. 

If you are still confused, don’t hesitate to call Enduro Bike Advanture and talk to our support staff, which is available 24/7.

Muhammad Bilal Mohsin

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Muhammad Bilal Mohsin
Muhammad Bilal Mohsin

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