ATV Quad Bike: An Adventurous Dubai Desert Safari Experience

ATV Quad Bike: An Adventurous Dubai Desert Safari Experience

If you are looking for something fun and adventurous to try on your Dubai vacations, then an ATV Quad Bike ride is exactly what you seek. During this adventurous activity, visitors can ride a 4-wheeler bike through the stunning Arabian deserts, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and create memorable moments.

You also have a chance to witness a contrasting side of the city where no crowds are bumping into one another, no noise, just plain desert that stretches for thousands of miles. You can go anywhere you want while riding quad bikes and see what hidden secrets this place holds

Here are a few details you need to know if you plan on going on ATV quad biking in Dubai.

Why Is It Called ATV

The word ‘ATV’ means ‘All-terrain-vehicle’ and implies a vehicle that can easily be driven on surfaces like sand, dirt, hills or anywhere rough and bumpy. The ATV vehicles are designed with special capabilities that help them achieve their purpose. For example, they have 4 low-pressure tyres that provide stability, a powerful engine, and handlebars for steering. The word ‘Quad Bike’ generally means a bike with 4 tyres.

How Does ATV Quad Bike Work?

An ATV quad bike works similarly to driving a regular bike, but with some differences, you must be familiar with it. ATVs usually operate with a thumb throttle rather than a twist throttle like dirt bikes, usually on the right side of the handlebars. A left handlebar likely has an electric starter, kill switch, headlight controller, and brake lever (where the clutch is on a dirt bike).

On the right side of the floorboard, there is a pedal that operates the rear brake. On the right side of the vehicle, there is usually a gear shift lever that has four settings: high, low, neutral, and reverse. Automatic transmissions do not require clutches or shifting.

Starting a Quad Bike

Press down the shifter and pull back the clutch to put the ATV in the first gear. As soon as the motorcycle starts moving, let the clutch out slowly. As you turn the ignition key, use a little throttle pressure while letting the clutch pressure go.

Stay at moderate speed while in first gear. As you start to accelerate and the engine of the quad bike revs up, you must change gears rapidly to drive quicker.

And do not forget about your brakes. Riding quads is all about speeding up, especially at high speeds! Nevertheless, you must know where your brakes are placed to slow down near an obstacle or manoeuvre through rocky terrain. Push the clutch and brake the front and rear wheels simultaneously. When you are slowing down, you must still use your gears. This means you need to shift down to a lower gear as needed.

What Are The Advantages of Riding an ATV Quad Bike?

What Are The Advantages of Riding an ATV Quad Bike?

Riding a quad bike in the Dubai desert offers many advantages like:

  • Perfect for Family Tours

Quad bikes can be driven by individuals regardless of their experience level, so, it is an activity that families can do as part of their vacation in Dubai. While exploring the desert on a quad bike, you can make fun and amazing memories that will last forever.

  • Off-Road Performance

Quad bikes are specifically built for riding on rough, harsh desert surfaces where driving regular cars and bikes is impossible. Driving in the sand is not a difficult task and you will be able to discover beautiful spots in the desert that will take your breath away.

  • A Pleasant and Hassle-Free Trip

A quad bike is a common vehicle; almost everyone, including beginners, can ride it. Usually, quad bike tours are designed to help beginners get over the obstacles they face. Moreover, the quads in Dubai are user-friendly and include guides who are present in person and will help you during the trip and ensure your safety. Do not be concerned! It does not matter if you are a professional or not for you to have a thrilling ride on a quad bike during a desert safari.

In addition, you’ll be provided with all the safety equipment you should keep on throughout the ride to avoid injuries.

  • Different Quad-biking Packages That You Can Book at Your Convenience

While on a desert safari, guests have many choices and preferences, such as the activities they want to carry out. The quad bike packages are designed to meet your specific needs, hence, you can always choose the one that suits you best. To keep kids busy you need to provide many kids’ quad bike packages that are safe and engaging.


ATV quad bike rides in Dubai allow you to explore the city’s wild side in a fun manner. Follow your guide instructions and wear the safety equipment to ensure a safe and smooth experience.

For more information or a guide on desert adventures in Dubai and affordable packages for families, you can contact Enduro Bike Advanture.

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