3 Things Must Check Before Renting ATV Quad Bike in Dubai

3 Things Must Check Before Renting ATV Quad Bike in Dubai

Dubai is a favourite destination for off-roading enthusiasts as it is close to the desert. Apart from these, ATV quad bike rides are also very famous among the tourists and local people. The rides could be a great way to see the beautiful desert dunes that go on for miles, engage in exciting adventures and thrilling experiences, and learn more about the region’s culture and history.

Nevertheless, you must arrive at Quad Bike Safari Dubai fully equipped to have all these experiences and make your time worthwhile. Here are 3 things that you need to look into before renting an ATV bike in Dubai.

The 3 Things to Check When Renting Quad Bikes in Dubai

Remember these 3 points if you plan on renting ATV quad bikes in Dubai for a desert safari adventure:

  • Always Book a Quad Bike From a Reputable Tour Operator 

Remember to always book your quad bike from a reputable tour operator in Dubai. Conduct thorough research on the internet when choosing a company and read customer reviews to learn about the quality of service. Check their rating as well, and never book with a low-rated company. You can easily find the reviews and ratings on Google reviews. 

Also, check if the company provides necessary safety measures for quad bike rides, such as reinforced helmets, pairs of gloves, sports clothing, and, more importantly, a safety briefing to ensure no harm to the riders. 

  • Book’ Guided Tours’ if You Are a Newbie Rider

The top-rated quad bike companies in Dubai provide a ‘Guided Tours’ option for those who are trying out desert rides for the first time, are not very familiar with the desert terrain, and don’t know how to drive here. 

If you are one of these individuals, then go for this option because here, you can learn how to drive a quad bike along with its control and techniques and understand what challenges the desert offers and how to overcome them. These guides stay with you throughout the tour to ensure an unmatched quad bike experience. Plus, you get to learn new riding skills. 

The guided tour options are also suitable for expert riders because these local guides know about the challenging areas where you can drive for adrenaline-inducing experiences and enjoy the beautiful desert views. 

ATV quad bike safaris
  • Set an Appropriate Budget in Mind 

When going for ATV quad bike safaris, it’s important to have an appropriate budget for the ride. When searching for a tour operator, check their prices to see if they fall within your budget. Never go for the expensive options if they don’t fit your budget. On the other hand, we recommend never going for too many cheaper options because you might not get the best quality services you seek. 

Suppose you select a company from which to book a ride. In that case, you must inquire if there are any additional charges other than those mentioned in the packages and whether the company would provide refreshments for the ride or if they would charge separately. Doing all these things ensures you have a good and enjoyable experience and get the best services you seek as per your budget. 


Desert Bike rides in Dubai offer an exciting and thrilling way to go on off-roading trips and enjoy a relaxing experience with your friends. However, before going on such a tour, remember the 3 points highlighted in the article to ensure you select the best rental services for the trip and value for money. 

For more information regarding Dubai desert adventures and the best packages, you can contact Enduro Bike Advanture. 

Muhammad Bilal Mohsin

Muhammad Bilal Mohsin

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Muhammad Bilal Mohsin
Muhammad Bilal Mohsin

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